Bituthene 8000 Gas Resistant Barrier  For Methane/Radon      

PrerufeBituthene 8000 combines the proven Bi-tuthene adhesvive technology with a unique, grey coloured film barrier to provide superior performance and easier installation. It can be used horizontally or vertically to protect basements and other critical sub-structures from the affects of water, damp and gas penetraction. Gas Resisitant.​    Data Sheet

​Price       Bituthene 8000 Gas Barrier​      1mt x 20mt roll​    £ 215.00​ each
​Price       Bituthene B1 Primer​      5 litre​ tin    £  33.44 each​

Preprufe 160 R & Preprufe 300 R  
Data Sheet   Methane Barriers

Preprufe® waterproof membranes are composite sheets comprising a robust HPDE backing, a pressure sensitive adhesive and a trafficable weather resistant coating. Uniquely, the membrane develops a continuous adhesive bond to concrete poured against it. This prevents water migration between the structure and the membrane, substantially reducing the risk of leaks. Applications  :  Water and vapour proofing all basement grades to BS 8102:1990 , Waterproofing civil engineering sub - structures , Methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas protection in excess of the standard membrane requirements in BRE Reports 211 (Radon) and 212 (Methane and Carbon Dioxide).

​Price      Preprufe 160 R Methane Barrier​    1.2mt x 35mt rolls​    £ 831.00 per roll​
​Price      Preprufe 300 R Methane Barrier​​    1.2mt x 30mt rolls    £ 862.00 per roll​
​Price      Preprufe LT Tape​    15mt x 100mm rolls​    £   74.00 per roll​

Preprufe 300R Plus & Preprufe 160R Plus  Data Sheet

Preprufe 300R Plus & 160R Plus membranes are applied either horizontally to smooth prepared concrete, carton forms or well rolled and compacted earth or crushed stone substrate; or vertically to permanent formwork or adjoining structures. Concrete is then cast directly against the adhesive side of the membranes. The specially developed Preprufe adhesive layers work together to form a continuous and integral seal to the structure.

Preprufe 300R Plus — heavy-duty grade for use below slabs and on rafts (i.e. mud slabs). Designed to accept the placing of heavy reinforcement using conventional concrete spacers • Preprufe 160R Plus — thinner grade for blindside, zero property line applications against soil retention systems. Vertical use only .

​Price     Preprufe 160R Plus​       1.17mt x 36.5mt roll​s      £ 1,296.00 per roll​
​Price     Preprufe 300R Plus​       1.2mt x 30mt rolls​      £ 1,457.00 per roll​
​Price     Preprufe LT Tape​       15mt x 100mm rolls​      £      74.00 per roll​
​Price     Bituthene LM​       ​5.7 litre tin      £    167.95 each​

Preprufe 800PA       Data Sheet       Radon & Methane Gas Protection

Preprufe® 800PA is a cold-applied, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, composed of a reinforced crosslaminated HDPE film, and a synthetic non-bituminous adhesive. 

New and remedial waterproofing for:    Basement walls of all basement grades to BS 8102: 2009   ,  Below-ground car parks ,  Underground RC reservoirs and tanks ,  Industrial plants , Radon and methane gas protection ,  Protection from water, damp and gas of critical substructures.

​Price         Preprufe 800PA​      1.2mt x 35mt rolls​      £ 765.00 per roll​
​Price         Preprufe SC1 Primer​      20 litre tin​      £ 185.00 each   ​
​Price         Bituthene LM​      5.7 litre tin​      £ 167.95 each​
​Price         Bitustick 4000​      150mm x 20mt rolls​      £   89.50 per roll

Fosroc Proofex 3000 MR     For Methane & Radon Protection  

A high performance self adhesive membrane for resisting methane, radon and CO2, and preventing water entering buildings. Proofex 3000MR also provides a vapour and water- proof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.

​Price      Fosroc Proofex MR Methane Barrier​     1mt x 20mt roll​    £  195.00 per roll​
​Price      Fosroc Proofex Primer​      5 litre tin​    £   37.85 per tin​

Proofex Engage Membrane   Methane/Radon & Chemical protection         

Pre-applied waterproofing membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete, remaining in place if settlement of substrate occurs. USES : A unique patented waterproofing membrane for a range of waterproofing applications in- cluding basements and substructures. Proofex Engage provides a water, water vapour and gas protection to water excluding structures and protects concrete from aggressive ground salts and chemicals.

​Price      Proofex Engage Membrane​     1.27mt x 30mt​ rolls     ​£ 795.00 per roll
​Price      ​Proofex Engage L Sections     125mm x 125mm x 10mt​     ​£ 142.95 each
​Price      Proofex Engage Detail Strip​     200mm x 10mt roll​     £​   82.00 each
​Price      Proofex LM Liquid Membrane​     28kg pack​     £​ 198.00 each
​Price      Proofex LM Mesh​     100mm x 50mt​     £​   95.68 each
​Price​      Proofex Total Tape     50mm x 30mt​     £​ 149.20 each

Proofex Total Membrane  Data Sheet    Reinforced gas membrane

Proofex Total is a high performance, totally gas-impervious, reinforced membrane. It also acts like conventional ground membranes, as a damp-proof membrane.

The 5-layer, reinforced, gas impermeable black/silver membrane comprises an aluminium foil layer and a polyester reinforcing grid sandwiched between three layers of polyolefins.  Advantages  :  5-layer product design for maximum gas protection , Polyester reinforcing grid for puncture resistance during application , Loose-laid system for ease of application , Can be used on ground-bearing concrete floors or on suspended concrete or beam and block floors , Can be used to form a cavity tray, eradicating the need for a separate product.

​Price      Proofex Total Membrane​      2mt x 50mt roll​      £ 1,256.00 per roll​
​Price      Proofex Total Tape​​      50mm x 30mt roll      £    139.60 per roll​

RIW Sheetseal GR   Data Sheet       Methane & Radon Barrier  

RIW Sheetseal GR is a radon gas barrier and one of the most effective gas methane barrier systems available. It is a cold applied, high density polyethylene film bonded to aluminium foil and coated with a bitumen/rubber self adhesive layer .Effective barrier to Methane gas, Water and water vapour barrier , Factory controlled thickness , Quick and easy to install,  Elastic & flexible , Self healing properties , No drying time , Sulphate resistant .

​Price    RIW Sheetseal GR Membrane​     19.05mt x 1.05mt roll​     £ 246.00 per roll​
​Price    RIW Sheetseal Primer​     5 litre tin​     £   39.65 each​
​Price    RIW Sheetseal Primer​     25 litre tin​     £​ 145.65 each

RIW Liquid GM Methane Barrier   Data Sheet

Liquid GM is a single component water based compound, formulated on styrene-butadiene co-polymer. Liquid GM is an elastomeric rubber like coating, which cures to form a tough, flexible material; acting as an effective barrier to the passage of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Radon and other harmful gases. Liquid GM is a specially designed gas protection membrane, developed to provide high performance gas proofing and a barrier to water and water vapour.

APPLICATIONS :  Suppression of methane, carbon dioxide and high density hydrocarbon vapour , Ground floors , Basements and substructures , Retaining walls .

​Price       RIW Liquid GM Membrane​      20 litre​      £ 332.00 each​

Hyload Gastite SA Tanking Membrane    Data Sheet

Hyload Tanking Membrane Gastite SA is a cold applied self-adhesive membrane for protecting structures against the ingress of moisture and methane and radon gases.

The membrane comprises a specially developed high strength composite film laminated to a self-adhesive polymer modified compound. When used in conjunction with Hyload Gastite DPC and preformed cloaks Hyload Tanking Membrane Gastite SA forms a complete gas-resistant system.

​Price      Hyload Gastite​ SA Membrane     1mt x 20mt roll​        £ 262.50 per roll​
​Price      Hyload Primer​     5 litre tin​        £   32.65 each​
​Price      Hyload Primer​     25 litre tin​        £ 136.95 each​
​Price      Hyload Protection Board​    2mt x 1mt sheet​        £   24.35 per sheet​

Visqueen Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane

Visqueen Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane is designed to prevent the transmission of carbon dioxide, radon and methane gases in tanking applications or where hydrostatic pressure is present​ .     Data Sheet

​Price       Visqueen GR Membrane ​      1mt x 20mt roll​      £ 247.00 per roll​
​Price       Visqueen HP Primer​      5 litre​ tin      £ 45.00 each​
​Price       Treadguard Protection Board​      1mt x 2mt sheet​      £ 21.75 per sheet

Monarflex MRX Self Adhesive Gas Membrane     

Monarflex MRX is a methane, carbon dioxide, radon resistant and waterproofing self adhesive membrane specifically designed for sealing loose-laid Monarflex® DPM's to structural elements such as steel and concrete columns. It can also be used for sealing to existing buildings and for detailed sealing work at upstands and corners. When correctly detailed and installed in a new building it will provide an effective barrier to the passage of all gases, air and moisture from the underlying soil.   Data Sheet

​Price       Monarflex MRX Membrane​       300mm x 20mt roll​      £ Call for Price​
Price​       Icopal SA Bitumen Primer​       5 litre tin​      £ Call for Price


Monarflex Reflex Super – Radon Barrier   Data Sheet

Monarflex Reflex Super radon barrier may be used loose-laid with ground supported or suspended slabs and is satisfactory for use as a DPM when properly sealed and detailed to restrict the ingress of ground gases. Monarflex Reflex Super is recommended for use in situations of medium to high concentrations of radon gas or where methane, carbon dioxide and other gases are present . Monarflex Reflex Super has methane transmission rates below the limit of detection.

​Price       Monarflex Reflex Super​      ​2mt x 25mt rolls      £ 345.00 per roll​
​Price       Monarflex Reflex Super​      2mt x 50mt rolls​      £ 655.00 per roll​
​Price       Monobond LT Tape​  30mm x 24mt rolls​      £   29.65 per roll​

Monarflex RMB400 Radon Barrier Membrane    

Monarflex RMB 400 is a radon resisting damp proof membrane made from virgin co-polymer polyethylene with a strong polyester reinforcing grid to resist foot traffic during the construction phase. Monarflex® RMB 400 is resistant against alkali as normally found in foundation works and further meets the requirements given in approved Document C of the Building Regulations. Monarflex® RMB 400 – A high performing polymeric DPM that also acts as a radon resisting membrane in areas with radon levels above 200 beq. RMB 400 is is 0.4mm thick and available in 2 x 25 m and 4 x 25 m roll size.    Data Sheet

​Price       Monarflex RMB400 Radon Barrier​     2mt x 25mt roll​     £ 225.00 per roll​
​Price       Monarflex RMB400 Radon Barrier​     4mt x 25mt roll​     £ 385.00 per roll​
​Price       Monobond ​LT Tape ​30mm x 24mt rolls     £   29.65 per roll​

Monarflex RAC Radon Barrier Membrane   Data Sheet 

Monarflex Monarflex RAC radon barrier membrane is a specially designed membrane with multiple layers consisting of several layers of blown virgin polyethylene (LDPE) film, reinforced polyester scrim and a 12µm aluminum layer laminated together by several coater layers to a tough and durable gas membrane. The radon barrier membrane consists of 6 layers in total ensuring a gas tight membrane with high mechanical properties. The special composition and properties of each layer of the product make a tight and effective barrier to prevent gas from entering houses and buildings that constitute a health hazard for the inhabitants.

​Price       Monarflex RAC Radon Barrier​     2.05mt x 25mt roll​     £  Call for Price   0800 047 6775​

Visqueen Radon Membrane     Data Sheet     DPM  & Radon Barrier

Visqueen Radon Membrane also acts as a damp proof membrane, but is not intended for use where there is the risk of hydrostatic pressure. It is approved for use in Ireland. Visqueen Radon Membrane can be used in most common floor constructions. It is installed in a similar way to a damp proof membrane, but with much greater attention paid to workmanship and detailing in order to achieve effective sealing at all locations .

​Price     Visqueen Radon Membrane​    4mt x 25mt roll​    £ 127.00 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen D/Sided Jointing Tape​    50mm x 10mt roll​    £   13.95 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen Foil Backed Tape​    75mm x 50mt roll​    £   18.75 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen Radon Sump Units​    Standard Size​    £    64.67 each ​

Toughsheet Yellow Radon Barrier  Radon Barrier & DPM

Yellow Radon Barrier Polythene sheet membrane for use in solid concrete ground floors to protect buildings against dangerous gas and water from the ground by providing an effective barrier against Radon, CO2, Low level methane and moisture, for the lifetime of the concrete slab in which they are installed. It is produced by the decay of uranium-238 present in soil and rock. It easily penetrates many common materials like gypsum board, concrete block, mortar, wood paneling and most insulation. The 300mu membrane meets the requirements for use as a Gas Control Membrane against Radon or on gas contaminated land, in accordance with the recommendations published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and the National Building Regulations.   Data Sheet

​Price      Toughsheet Radon Barrier​     4mt x 25mt roll​     £ 109.00 per roll​
​Price      Butyl Jointing Tape​     50mm x 10mt roll​     £  14.65 per roll​

Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane  Data Sheet

Visqueen Low Permeability Gas membrane ( LPGM) offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against radon , carbon dioxide and low levels of methane gas when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practise. Visqueen Low Permeability Gas Membrane is a robust co-polymer thermoplastic membrane approved for use in NHBC Amber 1  applications.

​Price     Visqueen Low Permeability Gas membrane ​    4mt x 12.5mt roll​    £ 146.95 per roll​
​Price​     Visqueen D/Sided Jointing Tape   50mm x 10mt roll​​   £    13.95 per roll


Visqueen Torchon Tanking Membrane      Data Sheet

Visqueen TorchOn Tanking Membrane is a robust waterproofing membrane, used for heavy duty tanking and gas proofing applications. It can be used both vertically and horizontally above and below ground level to prevent the ingress of water. Visqueen TorchOn Tanking Membrane should be used with Visqueen HP Tanking Primer on touch dry concrete. 

Substrates should be primed with Visqueen HP Tanking Primer prior to application. Visqueen TreadGUARD1500 should be used horizontally or for external vertical applications Visqueen Protect&Drain should be used to protect the membrane from backfill or site traffic.

​Price      Visqueen Torchon Membrane​      1mt x 8mt roll​     £ 198.00 per roll​
​Price      Visqueen HP Primer​      5 litre tin​     £   45.00 each​
​Price      Treadguard 1500 P/Board​      1mt x 2mt sheet​     £   21.75 each​
​Price      Preformed Top hat​      110mm​     £   29.65 each

Hyload 3100HD Torch On Membrane​    Data Sheet

IKO Hyload Tanking Membrane 3100HD is flexible SBS polymer modified torch applied bitumen sheet material with an added tough non-woven polyester surface giving additional protection against damage from backfilling operations, and can also be beneficial in binding with subsequent concreting operations. The product can be used as a fully bonded damp proofing membrane and as Type A Barrier Membrane protection within a structural waterproofing system designed to be compliant with the guidance of BS8102:2009.

​Price      Hyload 3100HD Membrane​      1mt x 10mt roll​      £ 224.00 per roll​
​Price      Hyload SA Primer​      25 litre tin​      £ 136.95 each​
​Price      Hyload Protection Board​      1mt x 2mt sheets​      £   24.35 per sheet   


Visqueen Ultimate VOC BLOK    Data Sheet    Hydrocarbon Barrier

Visqueen Ultimate VOC BLOK is a flexible membrane designed to comply with current guidance on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and ground gases. Manufactured using Visqueen’s advanced barrier technology and drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise in gas protection, Visqueen has developed a new flexible barrier membrane suitable in brownfield applications that are affected by aggressive chemicals such as Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene (BTEX). The product is available in large roll formats to minimise jointing and quick installation times. The membrane is grey and black and 2.44m x 41m x 1mm (100m.), in single wound roll format and packaged in a blue outer wrap. The membrane should be installed grey side up. 

​Price     Visqueen Ultimate VOC BLOK​     2.44mt x 41mt roll​    £ 1,295.60 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen GX Lap Tape​     150mm x 10mt roll​   £    46.75 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen GX D/Sided Tape​     100mm x 15mt roll​   £    33.65 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen GX Top Hats​     110mm​   £    44.77 each​
​Price    Visqueen GX Top Hats​     160mm​   £    54.65 each​
​Price     Visqueen GX Retaining Discs​     50mm x 500 no​   £ 137.95 per box​

Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane    Data Sheet

Visqueen liquid gas membrane is a grey , one part elastomeric polymer modified liquid that dries to form a black , flexible membrane. The product is supplied in a 20 litre container . It has low permeability to methane , radon and carbon dioxide , is ideal for complex detailing applications . It is compatable with Visqueen sheet membrane systems , can be used as both a vertical and horizontal damp proof membrane , and also allows quick installation due to its quick drying properties. Visqueen liquid gas primer and Visqueen liquid gas membrane joint strip are used with this system.

​Price     Visqueen Liquid Gas Membrane​     20 litre tin​     £ 342.52 each​
​Price     Visqueen Gas membrane Primer​     5 litre tin​     £   44.96 each​
​Price     Visqueen Gas Membrane Jointing Strip​​     150mm x 25mt roll     £ 148.60 each

Visqueen Gas Barrier   Data Sheet       Methane/Radon/CO 2

Visqueen Gas Barrier offers a safe solution for the protection of buildings against methane, radon and carbon dioxide, when installed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice. Visqueen Gas Barrier is a multi-layer reinforced polyethylene membrane with an integral aluminium foil. For ease of identification on site Visqueen Gas Barrier is coloured blue on one side and silver on the reverse. The barrier combines strength and performance with flexibility and easy installation. Visqueen Double Sided jointing tape and Visqueen foil backed girth tape are used to seal lap joints in Visqueen Gas Barrier.

​Price     Visqueen Gas Barrier​      2mt x 25mt roll​      £ 215.00 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen Gas Barrier​      2mt x 50mt roll​      £ 395.00 per roll​
​Price     Visqueen D/Sided Jointing Tape​      50mm x 10mt roll​      £    13.95 per roll​
​Price​     Visqueen Foil Backed Tape      75mm x 50mt roll​      ​£    18.75 per roll

Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC  ​   Data Sheet

Visqueen gas resistant dpcVisqueen Gas Resistant (GR) Damp Proof Course is a flexible polyethylene DPC with an aluminium foil designed to prevent the transmission of carbon dioxide, radon, methane and low level hydrocarbon vapours. This is in addition to the product’s usage as a damp proof course. Resistance to harmful gases is achieved by an integral aluminium film.

​Visqueen GR DPC          Roll Size​      Price​     Visqueen GR DPC​         Roll Size​      Price
​Visqueen GR DPC​     300mm x 30mt​    £ 131.85​     Visqueen GR DPC    ​700mm x 30mt    £ 307.65
​Visqueen GR DPC​     400mm x 30mt    ​£ 171.80​     Visqueen GR DPC    ​800mm x 30mt    ​£ 351.60
​Visqueen GR DPC​     500mm x 30mt    ​£ 219.75​     Visqueen GR DPC    ​900mm x 30mt    ​£ 395.55
​Visqueen GR DPC​     600mm x 30mt​    £ 263.70​     Visqueen GR DPC​  1000mm x 30mt​    £ 439.50

Alderprufe HC Geomembrane     Hydrocarbon Resistant Membrane

Alderprufe HC Geomembrane is a high quality single layer HDPE membrane and is suitable for use as a barrier membrane on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons and methane, together with excellent damp proofing characteristics.

Alderprufe HC Geomembrane has a proven track record as a barrier membrane on gas contaminated and hydrocarbon contaminated brownfield sites. Alderprufe HC Geomembrane combines strength with flexibility enabling high levels of stress/crack resistance to be achieved together with excellent bi-axial load absorption characteristics.

Due to its high puncture and impact resistance HC Geomembrane generally requires no protective screed or boarding when laying reinforced concrete above it. Alderprufe HCGeomembrane has been designed to exhibit superior welding properties when compared to conventional materials. High quality welding can be performed in a wide range of climate conditions. The material can be welded with one of three welding systems .

​Price      Alderprufe HC Geomembrane​      1.2mt x 30mt roll​     £ 329.40 per roll​
​Price      Alderprufe Top Hat​      110mm​​     £   22.95 each
​Price      Alderprufe Top Hat​      160mm​     ​£   28.65 each
​Price​      HC D/Sided Jointing Tape       100mm x 15mt roll​​     £   24.35 each
​Price      ​HC Lap Tape      75mm x 50mt roll​     ​£  19.65 each

Alderprufe GRA Gas Membrane  Loose Laid Gas Barrier

A loose laid 20 micron pure aluminium foil substrate with a multi-filament polypropylene tensile grid extruded between two layers of polyethylene, with high resistance to ground contaminants. For use in solid concrete ground floors that are not subject to hydrostatic pressure, to protect buildings against gas penetration from the ground.

​Price​      Alderprufe GRA Membrane      2mt x 50mt roll​​      £ 245.00 per roll

Aldercourse GRA GAS DPC   ​Hydrocarbon Resistant DPC

Aldercourse GRA is an aluminium cored damp-proof course, developed in combination with Alderprufe MR50 or GRA to provide a continuous "through the wall to floor" junction. Both products have a low permenance of methane and other gases including radon

​Aldercourse GRA DPC​        Roll Size      Price​     Aldercourse GRA DPC​        Roll Size​      Price
​Aldercourse GRA DPC​     100mm x 8mt    ​£ 10.36     ​Aldercourse GRA DPC      ​500mm x 8mt    ​£   51.80
​Aldercourse GRA DPC​     150mm x 8mt    ​£ 15.54     ​Aldercourse GRA DPC      ​600mm x 8mt​    £   62.16
​Aldercourse GRA DPC​     400mm x 8mt​    £ 41.44​     Aldercourse GRA DPC    ​1000mm x 8mt​    £ 103.60

   Bituthene 8000                     Bituthene 8000

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     Proofex Engage Membrane

   RIW Sheetseal

             RIW Sheetseal GR

   riw toughseal 

         RIW Sheetseal Primer

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   Gastite  Hyload

       Hyload Gastite Membrane

     Visqueen Gas sa

     Visqueen SA Gas Membrane

    Visqueen HP Primer

         Visqueen HP Primer

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   Monarflex mrx gas

     Monarflex MRX Gas Membrane

   Monarflex reflex super

            Monarflex Reflex Super

   Monarflex RMB 400

         Monarflex RMB400 Radon

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  Monarflex RAC 

     Monarflex RAC Radon Barrier

       visqueen radon barrier

         Visqueen Radon Membrane

       Visqueen HP Radon

      High Performance Radon

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        toughsheet radon

        Toughsheet Radon Barrier

          visqueen gas barrier

              Visqueen Gas Barrier

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          Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

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