Concrete Spacers  Square bars for mesh reinforcement

SCS heavy-duty concrete square bars are manufactured in 1 metre lengthsa from 20mm up to 100mm. Fixing costs are greatly reduced as the bars can simply be laid on the formwork or ground floor sub-base prior to the loading of the reinforcement cage. Other applications include their use as kickers and formwork spacers.

Flat based , double and triple cover concrete spacers are designed for use on both vertical and horizontal applications. The flat base provides additional support and stability where the weight of reinforcement is high.

Concrete Square Bar Spacers x 1 metre long :  Prices

30mm x 30mm x 1mt | £ 1.90 | 40mm x 40mm x 1mt

£ 2.20 | 50mm x 50mm | £ 3.02

60mm x 60mm x 1mt | £ 3.75 | 75mm x 75mm x 1mt

£ 4.95 | 100mm x 100mm | £ 6.25

Concrete Double Cover & Triple Cover Spacers : Prices

Double Cover | 40/50mm | £ 34.50/200

Double Cover | 60/75mm | £ 18.50/50

Triple Cover | 20/25/30mm | £ 38.00/500

Triple Cover | 35/40/50mm | £ 39.00/200

Plastic Spacers   For Rebar and Mesh Reinforcement

Our plastic spacers are available as A-Clip, wheel spacers, tric trac line spacers, pile cage spacers and grade plate spacers. Plastic levelling shims are suitable for the erection of precast concrete units. All are designed for heavy-duty application.

Plastic line spacers are supplied in 2000mm lengths and are ideal for supplying bottom reinforcement in suspended slabs . It is also particularly suitable for use on metal decking.

Plastic , clip on wheel spacers provide cover through a full 360 degrees and therefore ideal for columns , walls and beams.

Grade Plate spacers are a popular double cover spacer that have been designed for use in groundbeams and slabs. Its large base area prevents puncturing of polythene or groundheave products and provides a stable support for the reinforcing steel. each spacer is capable of holding the steel at two different heights.

Plastic Tric Trac Line Spacers x 2 mt lengths - Prices  :

Plastic Tric Trac 20mm | 100mt pack | £ 110.00

Plastic Tric Trac 25mm | 100mt pack | £ 115.00

Plastic Tric Trac 30mm | 100mt pack | £ 127.00

Plastic Tric Trac 35mm | 60mt pack | £ 93.00

Plastic Tric Trac 40mm | 60mt pack | £ 120.00

Plastic Tric Trac 50mm | 60mt pack | £ 159.60

Plastic Wheel Spacers For Vertical Rebar Applications - Prices are per 1000 no :

Wheel Spacers 15mm | 4-12mm bar | £ 43.95

Wheel Spacers 20mm | 4-12mm bar | £ 58.00

Wheel Spacers 20mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 69.50

Wheel Spacers 25mm | 4-12mm bar | £ 67.00

Wheel Spacers 25mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 82.00

Wheel spacers 30mm | 4-12mm bar | £ 79.50

Wheel Spacers 30mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 90.00

Wheel spacers 35mm | 4-12mm bar | £ 85.95

Wheel Spacers 35mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 97.50

Wheel Spacers 40mm  |4-12mm bar | £ 98.95

Wheel Spacers 40mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 109.76

Wheel Spacers 50mm | 4-12mm bar | £ 114.95

Wheel Spacers 50mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 122.95

Wheel Spacers 60mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 142.00

Wheel Spacers 70mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 185.00

Wheel Spacers 75mm | 12-20mm bar | £ 284.00

Plastic Grade Plate Spacers - Double Cover Clip On Spacers:

25/30mm Grade Plates | 250/pack | £ 34.25

40/50mm Grade Plates | 200/pack | £ 32.47

65/75mm Grade Plates | 100/pack | £ 31.55

90/100mm Grade Plates | 100/pack | £ 48.50

Wire Spacers    For Reinforcing Mesh sheets

The standard two metre long Continuous Hystools are particularly suitable for ground floor slabs as their unique design eliminates any danger of puncturing damp proof membranes. The circular Spacers provide a quick, easy and economical method of supporting reinforcement in concrete slabs. The spacers are delivered in 3.0 metre long straight lengths, which can be formed into a circle of 1.0 metre diameter. We recommend 4 circular spacers per sheet of mesh. The Hystools are in packs of 25 no , the ring spacers are in packs of 20 no.

Hystools / Deckchairs / Trestles  x 2 metre lengths : 

50mm Hystools | 25 no per pack | £ 59.25

75mm Hystools | 25 no per pack|  £ 62.45

100mm Hystools | 25 no per pack | £ 66.25

150mm Hystools | 25 no per pack | £ 72.00

Circular Wire Spacers / Ring Spacers / Hoop Spacers  :

50mm Ring Spacers 20 per pack | £ 39.50

75mm Ring Spacers | 20 per pack | £ 45.65

100mm Ring Spacers | 20 per pack | £ 55.45

150mm Ring Spacers | 20 per pack | £ 54.20

Waxed Bolt Boxes – Polystyrene, Metal & Plastic Bolt Boxes

Manufactured from waxed cardboard, these bolt boxes enable easy bolt location adjustment with minimum displacement of reinforcement and concrete. Polystyrene and Metal bolt boxes are also available.

Waxed Bolt Cones / Waxed Bolt Boxes  :

Price | 229mm | £ 0.85/each

305mm | £ 1.05/each 380mm | £ 1.26/each

Price | 457mm | £ 1.46/each

534mm | £ 1.68/each 610mm | £ 2.45/each

Polystyrene Bolt Boxes / Polystrene Bolt cones :

Price 229mm | £ 0.80/each

300mm | £ 1.00/each

Price 380mm | £ 1.20/each

450mm | £ 1.58/each

Metal Bolt Boxes / Expamet Bolt Boxes

Price 225mm | £ 4.20/each

300mm | £ 4.95/each

Price 375mm | £ 5.67/each

450mm | £ 6.75/each

Plastic Bolt Boxes : Price 380mm

£ 6.45 each ( 20 no per pack )

Holding Down Bolts  Other sizes available call  0800 047 6775

Holding down bolts also known as foundation bolts are Grade 8.8 BS7419 . Used for bolting down steelwork frames to concrete bases .Supplied with nuts and square plate washers.

Price | M16 x 300mm | £ 5.45

M16 x 375mm | £ 5.75 M16 x 450mm | £ 6.75

Price | M20 x 300mm | £ 6.25

M20 x 375mm | £ 6.95 M20 x 450mm | £ 7.85

Price | M20 x 600mm | £ 8.22

M24 x 300mm | £ 8.25 M24 x 375mm | £ 10.75

Price | M24 x 450mm | £ 12.76

M24 x 600mm | £ 14.75

Combextra GP - Non Shrink Grout

Conbextra GP is used for general purpose , non shrink , cementitious grouting for gap sizes from 10 to 75mm . Recommended applications at flowable consistency include stanchion base plates , bolt pockets and void filling. At trowellable consistency Conbextra GP is recommended for bearing load bearing components.

Price Conbextra GP | Non Shrink Grout

25kg bag | £ 36.59 per bag

Denso tape / Petroleum Tape

Denso Tape/Petroleum Tape  is primarily used to protect bolt heads prior to pouring concrete. it comes in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm wide rolls .

Price | Denso/Petroleum Tape

50mm x 10mt roll | £ 9.70 per roll

Price | Denso/Petroleum Tape

75mm x 10mt roll | £ 14.60 per roll

Levelling Shims / Packers

A hard plastic shim used for packing during the alignment of precast panels. Supplied in plain or horseshoe styles, 70mm x 70mm sections.

Plain Levelling Shims  70mm x 70mm :     3mm , 9mm , 15mm & 20mm also available

Price | 2mm Plain Shims | 70mm x 70mm

250 per bag | £ 27.50/bag

Price | 5mm Plain Shims | 70mm x 70mm

250 per bag | £ 48.75/bag

Price | 10mm Plain Shims | 70mm x 70mm

125 per bag | £ 46.55/bag

Horseshoe Levelling Shims : 3mm , 9mm , 15mm & 20mm also available

Price | 2mm Horseshoe Shims

250 per bag | £ 36.50/bag

Price | 5mm Horseshoe Shims

250 per bag | £ 58.75/bag

Price | 10mm Horseshoe Shims

125 per bag | £ 56.55/bag

Frost Blankets  Hessian also available

Frost blankets are used to protect concrete slabs in their early stages against freezing temperatures and can also be used in summer to prevent excessive heat or wind moisture evaporation from the surface. Supplied in 10mm thick closed cell polyethylene.

Price | Frost Protection Mat

1.5mt x 75mt roll | £225.00 / each

Crack Inducer   Top & Base crack Inducers available

The two part PVC crack inducer and groove former induces a controlled crack in continuously laid concrete. Its hollow, braced section makes it strong enough to be vibrated direct into wet concrete. These are available in both top and bottom profiles.

When pushed into the finished level of wet concrete, the top section is then removed to form a void of approximately 25mm deep into which the polysulphide sealant is then applied.

The base Crack inducer is required in slabs exceeding 300mm in depth. It is placed directly below the line of the top crack inducer to form the stress relief joint.

Price | 40mm Bottom Y Crack Inducer

5 metre strips | £ 22.65/each

Price | 75mm Bottom Y Crack Inducer

5 metre strips | £ 29.45/each

Price | 40mm Top Crack Inducer

5 metre strips | £ 24.96/each

Price | 50mm Top Crack Inducer

5 metre strips | £ 28.65/each

Price | 75mm Top Crack inducer

5 metre strips | £ 36.97/each

Voidformers     3 mt lengths Half & Full sections  in   20mm and  25mm

PVC voidformers are available in 4 sizes designed for forming grooves in concrete or nailing to the formwork. All joint accessory items are generally available for next day delivery if ordered before 1pm.

Price | 20mm x 10mm Void Formers

60mt packs | £ 82.00/pack

Price | 20mm x 20mm Void Former

60mt packs | £ 139.00/pack

Price | 25mm x 12mm Void Formers

60mt packs | £ 113.00/pack

Price | 25mm x 25mm Void Formers

60mt packs | £ 171.20/pack

Plastic Screed Chairs    To support scaffold tube & screed boards

SCS plastic screed chairs are ideal for light duty applications. They are fully adjustable and being manufactured in plastic may be left in concrete, either in part or as a complete unit, without fear of corrosion. It is not advisable to use chairs in bays over 4 metres wide and we would recommend placement of 500mm centres. For heights over 150mm the base of the chair should be placed in a 'blob' of concrete for greater stability.

Price | Plastic Screed Chair Base

250 per pack | £ 43.90 /100

Price | Plastic Screed Chair Collar

250 per pack | £ 57.38 /100

Price | Plastic Screed Chair saddle

250 per pack | £ 67.38/100

Price | Plastic Screed Chair Tubing

100 mt pack |  £ 56.25 per pack

Metal Screed Chairs   To suit slab sizes  125mm - 400mm

Metal screed chairs are an alternative to the plastic screed chair system. They are supplied in two parts, the height can be simply adjusted by turning the stirrup in the base. Heavy duty Screed Chairs also available

Price | Metal Screed Chairs

To suit 125 - 150mm Slab | £ 5.55 each

Price | Metal Screed Chairs

To suit 150 - 205mm Slab | £ 7.56 each

Price | Metal Screed Chairs

To suit 200 - 300mm Slab | £ 11.56 each

Price | Metal Screed Chairs

To suit 300 - 400mm Slab | £ 14.35 each

Screedrails Concrete , Metal and Metal Top

The most up to date and economical method of slab construction available to the contractor. The need to hire costly roadforms is eliminated by simply screeding off the rails provided which are left permanently in position, bringing further savings in the labour costs normally associated with roadform removal. Adjacent bay construction also becomes increasingly quicker

The kota Concrete Screed Rail is very study with its unique profile providing excellent bonding and superior consistency on the top face. Distance between dowel holes is 300mm.

Price | 80mm high Concrete Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 45.00/each

Price | 100mm high Concrete Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 69.00 /each

Price | 125mm high Concrete Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 85.00/each

Price | 150mm high Concrete Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 95.00/each

Kota Metal Top Screed Rails make it easier to achieve a very straight and fully controlled hairline crack. Distance between dowel holes is 300mm.

Price | 50mm high Metal Top Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 65.00/each

Price | 90mm high Metal Top Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 85.00/each

Price | 115mm high Metal Top Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 105.00/each

Price | 165mm high Metal Top Screed Rail

3.9 metre lengths | £ 135.00/each

A lightweight and easy to handle all metal screed rail which needs minimal room for storage. Very robust, no damage in transport amd galvanising prevents rust. This screed rail comes  complete with steel holder for fixing and plastic clip to fix ends together. Distance between dowel holes is 300mm .

Price | 55mm high Metal Screed Rail

3 metre lengths | £ 46.00 each

Price | 75mm high Metal Screed Rail

3 metre lengths | £ 66.00 each

Price | 100mm high Metal Screed Rail

3 metre lengths | £ 96.00 each

Price | 120mm high Metal Screed Rail

3 metre lengths | £ 108.00 each

Dowel Bars   For use in Contraction and Expansion Joints

Plain round mild steel, high yield and stainless steel dowel bars are available, supplied with either cropped or sawn ends. All sizes and lengths supplied to individual requirements

Price | 12 x 400mm Dowel Bar | £ 1.93

Price | 16 x 900mm Dowel Bar | £ 3.93

Price | 12 x 600mm Dowel Bar | £ 2.27

Price | 20 x 600mm Dowel Bar | £ 3.88

Price | 12 x 900mm Dowel Bar | £ 2.56

Price | 20 x 900mm Dowel Bar | £ 5.35

Price | 16 x 400mm Dowel Bar | £ 2.50

Price | 25 x 600mm Dowel Bar | £ 5.05

Price | 16 x 600mm Dowel Bar | £ 2.85

Price | 25 x 900mm Dowel Bar | £ 6.39

Dowel Bar Sleeves   For debonding mild steel dowel bars

Dowel Bar Sleeves are manufactured from high grade flexible PVC. They are tough, durable and have an average wall thickness of 1.25mm. They come in 12mm,16mm,20mm,25mm and 32mm diameters.  A flexible PVC sleeve, closed at one end that pushes over the end of dowel bars quickly and easily to give an efficient way of debonding mild steel dowel bars. They can be fitted at any time to suit the contractor and should cover at least half the length of the bar.

Price | 12mm x 450mm Dowel Bar Sleeves

100 per pack | £ 94.00/pack

Price | 16mm x 300mm Dowel Bar Sleeves

100 per pack | £ 86.00/pack

Price | 20mm x 300mm Dowel Bar Sleeves

100 per pack | £ 100.00/pack

Price | 25mm x 300mm Dowel Bar Sleeves

100 per pack | £ 108.00/pack

Price | 32mm x 375mm Dowel Bar Sleeves

100 per pack | £ 190.00/pack

Dowel Bar Expansion Caps      Allows for  expansion of dowel bars

A range of dowel bar debonding caps manufactured from rigid PVC tube with polyethylene foam fixed into one end to act as compression filler, which allows for expansion of dowel bars in construction joints.  A rigid PVC tube, 100mm long with 25mm of compressible cork filler, which is designed to give a tight fit thus allowing expansion of dowel bars in construction joints. A 20mm dowel bar cap will fit over a 20mm reinforcing bar.

Price | 12 x 100mm Dowel Bar Expansion Caps

100 per pack | £ 84.00/pack

Price | 16 x 100mm Dowel Bar Expansion Caps

100 per pack | £ 90.00/pack

Price | 20 x 100mm Dowel Bar Expansion Caps

100 per pack | £ 96.00/pack

Price | 25 x 100mm Dowel Bar Expansion Caps

100 per pack | £ 120.00/pack

Price | 32 x 100mm Dowel Bar Expansion Caps

100 per pack | £ 135.00/pack

Dowel Bar Cages    ORDER LINE  0800 047 6775

Supplied in separate half sections which are placed either side of the joint, contraction and expansion joint dowel bar cages can be used both in road and floor slab construction. They are supplied in various heights to suit the depth of slab.

Price | 75mm Contraction Cages | £ 3.21/each

Price | 65mm Expansion Cages | £ 3.56/each

Price | 95mm Contraction Cages | £ 3.86/each

Price | 95mm Expansion Cages | £ 3.98/each

Price | 115mm Contraction Cages | £ 4.40/each

Price | 115mm Expansion Cages | £ 4.95/each

Debonding Compound  Painted on to Dowel Bars

A bituminous based compound that can be applied to reinforcement dowel bars which when dry will provide a break in bond with its surrounding concrete. Complies with the DoT specification for Road and Bridge Works.

Price | 5 litre Debonding Compound | £ 42.55

Price | 25 litre Debonding Compound | £ 162.55

Tying Wire   For tying Rebar and mesh

A soft annealed 17g wire, supplied in coils. Approximate usage - one coil of wire to 4 tonnes reinforcement.


16kg Coil of Tye Wire | £24.95 each

Double Loop Ties & Tying Tools   For securing mesh reinforcement

Double loop wire ties 150mm length, Supplied in packs of 1000.

Price | 150mm wire ties | £ 18.95/1000

Price | 200mm wire ties | £ 22.65/1000

Price | Steel Fixers Nippers | £ 36.57/each

Price | Tying Tool for wire ties | £ 24.87/each

Steel Fencing Pins / Pointed Road Pins        

Steel Fencing Pins are essential for the fast and quick installation of plastic barrier fencing mesh and barrier tapes. The steel fencing road pins have a hook on top to make it easy to attach the top of the barrier mesh fencing, barrier tape or rope to the pin.

Pointed Road Pins are Constructed in mild steel and pointed at one end to allow penetration of tough ground conditions. Specifically designed for use with Road Forms both fixed and rigid, these pins hold the Road Form in perfect position while concrete is drying. They are also used for numerous tasks around site, such as marking out and positioning work pieces.

Price Steel Fencing Pins

10mm x 1200mm | £ 2.89 each

Price Pointed Road Pins

12mm x 1000mm | £ 2.25 each

Price Pointed Road Pins

16mm x 600mm | £ 2.30 each

Price Pointed Road Pins

16mm x 1000mm | £ 2.95 each

Price Pointed Road Pins

20mm x 600mm | £ 2.78 each

Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Call for Price 0800 047 6775

For 10mm , 12mm and 16mm Rebar

Reinforcement Continuity Systems are designed to maintain continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete. Formwork design is simplified and there is no need to drill shuttering. Each unit consists of a galvanised steel casing which is dimpled to provide an effective concrete bond. Pre-bent bars are housed within the box and are secured by a protective cover. When the cover is removed the bars can be straightened ready for lapping onto the main reinforcement

SCS Polyester Resin   For anchoring bolts , dowel bars & starter bars

SCS Polyester Resin is a  thixotropic low-slump polyester resin grout for anchoring bolts, dowel bars, starter bars, into vertical and sloping plane concrete, rock and masonry. Size: 380ml

Price | 380ml Resin Cartridge | £ 14.56/each

Price | Applicator Gun | £ 32.65/each

Resin Anchor Capsules     For fixing threaded studs & bars

The Epoxy Acrylate Spin In Capsules are suitable for use in solid concrete and some solid brickwork and natural stone where an expansion free, high strength fixing is required. They can be used in wet and corrosive enviroments with a suitable grade of threaded stud and also give good resistance to vibrating loads.

Price | M8 Resin Anchor Capsules

10 per box | £ 14.65/box

Price | M10 Resin Anchor Capsules

10 per box | £ 18.56/box

Price | M12 Resin Anchor Capsules

10 per box | £ 22.65/box

Price | M16 Resin Anchor Capsules

10 per box | £ 26.65/box

Price | M20 Resin Anchor Capsules

10 per box | £ 31.56/box

Rebar Safety Caps   For rebar protection

Rebar Safety Caps are specifically designed for use in the construction industry and fit over the ends of protruding bars reducing the risk of injury.

Rebar Safety Caps 6mm -18mm bar | £ 50.00/250

Rebar Safety Caps 16mm- 32mm bar | £70.00/250

Damp Proof Membrane   Prevents moisture penetration from floors

High quality BBA approved polythene damp proof membrane that is available in various grades. All rolls when unfolded are approximately 4m wide.

Grades available: 500 gauge ,1000 gauge ,1200 gauge ,2000 gauge

Price | Visqueen 2000 gauge Polythene

4mt x 12.5mt / roll | £48.95 per roll

Price | Visqueen 1200 gauge Polythene

4mt x 25mt / rolls | £ 49.50 per roll

Price | Visqueen 1000 gauge Polythene

4mt x 25mt / rolls | £ 44.60 per roll

Polythene Jointing Tapes  For DPM joints

A waterproof pressure sensitive tape for use on polythene sheet or formwork joints. Available in three widths of 50mm , 75mm and 100mm.

Price Polythene Jointing Tape

50mm x 33mt rolls | £ 5.95 per roll

Price Polythene Jointing Tape

75mm x 33mt rolls | £ 7.95 per roll

Price Polythene Jointing Tape

100mm x 33mt rolls | £ 9.86 per roll

Concrete Square Bars

Concrete Square Bars

Concrete Meshmen

Concrete Meshmen

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Double Cover Spacers

Double Cover Spacers

Tric Trac

Plastic Line Spacers

plastic wheel spacers

Plastic Wheel Spacers

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Grade Plate 2

Grade Plate Spacers

ring spacers

Wire Spacers

2 Metre Hystools

2 Metre Hystools

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

 Waxed bot boxes

Waxed Bolt Cones

Holding Down Bolts

Holding Down Bolts

Frost Blanket

Frost Protection Mats

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

CRack Inducers

Crack Inducers

void formers

Void Formers

Plastic screed chairs

Plastic Screed Chairs

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

metal screed chair

Metal Screed Chairs

screed rails

Screed Rails

Metal Screed Rail

Metal Screed Rail

dowel bars

Dowel Bars

dowel cages

Dowel Bar Cages/Sleeves

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

d bond

Debonding Compound

tye wire

Tye Wire

Expansion Dowel Caps

Expansion Dowel Caps

Dowel Bar Sleeves

Dowel Bar sleeves

tying tools

Tying Tools

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Fencing Pins

Fencing Pins

Road Pins

Road Pins


Reinforcement Continuity System

anchorset 380P

SCS Anchor Resin

safety caps

Rebar Safety Caps

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Blue Polythene

Damp Proof membrane

DPM Jointing tapes

Polythene Jointing Tape

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775



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