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tie bar

Tie Bar/ Dividag Bar

15mm / 20mm / 26.5mm/ 32mm available

Tie Bar is produced from high tensile steel with a screw thread ( deformation conforming to ASTMA 618 for reinforcing steel bars ). Available in 15mm , 20mm, 26mm and 32mm options.Associated ancillary products such as thruty sleeves , thruty cones , wing nuts , waler plates, and tie bar connectors are available.

tie bar connectors

Tie Bar Connectors

15mm / 20mm / 26mm available

Tie Bar Connectors are used to join the rods complete with centre stop to ensure equal spacing inside the connector. The connectors are available for next day delivery if ordered before 2.30pm.

Tie Bar Sleeving

Thruty Sleeve / Tie Rod Sleeve

22mm / 26mm / 32mm available

Thruty Sleeve is a rigid PVC tube of 2mm wall thickness, supplied in 2 metre lengths, which can be easily cut to the required size. It is used as an expendable sleeve over tie bolts, facilitating their removal and also acting as a spacer to ensure correct width .

 The 20mm and 22mm sleeves are packed in 50 x 2 metre lengths  giving a 100 mts per pack , the 26mm sleeves are packed in 25 x 2 metre lengths , giving 50 mts per pack.

Tie Rod Cones

Thruty Cones / Tie Rod Cones

 22mm/  26mm / 32mm available

Thruty cones are used at the ends of the thruty sleeve and can be easily extracted after removal of the formwork, to form a chamfered recess for subsequent grouting  with Tie Hole Sealer.

The Tie Bar is inserted through the tie bar sleeving and cone . The Tie Bolt cones can be removed once striking of the concrete has taken place and the hole filled with     Tie Hole Filler.

wing nut

Wing Nuts / Tie Bar Nut / Hex Nuts

For securing tie rods in Formwork

A knock-on wing nut used in conjunction with waler plates for securing the bar in formwork applications. Wing Nuts to be used in conjunction with 15mm Tie Bar, 22mm Plastic Sleeving, Tie Bar Cones and Waler Plates.

These components complete the Tie Bar Formwork System. Hex Nuts are Used as an alternative to wing nuts when access is restricted.

waler plates

Waler Plates / Tie Bar Plates

For use on Formwork Applications

Pressed Waler Plates are used for timber or steel walings in conjunction with a winged nut or a hex nut for load transfer. The embossing of the plate increases its rigidity. Load capacity depends on the contact area, the admissible bearing pressure and the threadbar that is used. Waler Plate to be used in conjunction with 15mm Tie Bar, 22mm Plastic Sleeving, Tie Bar Cones and Wing Nuts. These components complete the Tie Bar Formwork System.

weldable anchor

Weldable Anchors/ Waterbarrier Nuts

Waterbarrier Nuts - 15mm/20mm  - For use in water retaining structures. They are cast into the concrete wall between two seperate tie bars. After the concrete pour, the tie bars are removed leaving the water barrier nut in-situ.

Weldable Anchors -  15mm/20mm -  A forged anchor which can be welded to structural steel, sheet piling etc. Anchors must be welded continuously all the way round. Load test should be conducted before use.

Form Anchor

Formwork Anchors

 Expandable Rock anchors for securing tie bar in rock or concrete. Drill hole and insert the anchor which will expand when the tie bar is threaded in. Load test should be conducted before use.

Form Anchors are a  versatile non-corrosive anchor which is used for securing single sided climbing formwork complete with nailing plate for fixing to formwork. Can also be used for securing slab edge formwork, guard rail, etc.  Also available Cast In Anchors & Plastic Anchors .

Chamfer Edge Proifle

Chamfer Edge Profile

Used for Beams Columns & Walls

An extruded plastic section for forming chamfered corners to columns and beams and features such as those on expansion joints on walls. The optional nailing flange provides easy fixing to corner moulds and safe stripping thus ensuring maximum re-use.  We also supply rounded edge chamfer profiles , metal chamfer profiles ( from 10mm to 30mm ) and magnetic chamfer profiles both single and double sided ( from 10mm to 30mm) .



3 mt lengths Re-usable PVC

Void formers are made from rigid PVC and are used to form grooves in concrete that can easily be fixed by nailing directly onto shuttering. Designed to withstand expected site conditions, they can be re used several times. The slight tapered shaping stops the void former from adhering to the concrete and therefore allows easy removal to provide a clean void.

Groutcheck Foam

Groutcheck Foam

For sealing joints in Formwork

A foam tape with pressure adhesive on one side. Suitable for sealing joints in formwork which are inaccessible for application of shutter tape such as butt joints.

Groutcheck Tape

Groutcheck Tape / PVC Tape

PVC Tape for Covering Joints in Formwork

A specially developed matt finish waterproof pressure-adhesive PVC tape for use on all types of concrete formwork. Excellent adhesion even where residual release agent is present on form face.


Aquaplugs / Rubber Stoppers/ Tie Hole Fillers

The Tie Bar is inserted through the Tie Bar Sleeving and Tie Bar Cone. The Waler Plates are secured to the outside of the formwork using the Wing Nut. The Tie Bolt Cones can be removed once striking of the formwork has taken place and the hole filled with the Formplug to produce a watertight repair to the surface of the finished concrete.   A flexible tight fitting plug for internal sealing of plastic sleeve prior to filling with tieplug filler.

Formwork Plugs

Formwork & Plastic Plugs / Groove Caps & Plugs

Formwork Plugs are a  plastic plug for closing holes in formwork , Plastic plugs are inserted into plastic sleeve / tubing. The Groove Caps are closed with the Groove Plugs at both ends eliminating the need for rubber stoppers or cementation tie seal.

Surface Retarders

Surface Retarders

Top Face for Fresh Concrete  -  Mould Face for Shuttering

A non-inflammable pigmented retarder designed to produce an exposed aggregate surface which gives an excellent key for subsequent concreting or surface treatments. Ideal for construction joints and rendering application . Retarders are used mainly for two purposes:  1. Expose the aggregate to give a decorative finish to the exposed surface. 2. To provide a keyed surface for joining subsequent cast panels together without the need for scabbing or scarification. Our retarders are supplied in two forms: liquid (horizontal surfaces) and wax (vertical applications). Mould Face Data Sheet  , Top Face Data Sheet

Also available Safetard Gel ( Mould face )  &  Safetard Liquid  ( Top face )

Mould Oil

Mould Release Oil

Used on Metal , Timber and Formwork materials

Mould Oil is a blend of bio-degradable oils emulsified in water and is designed for use in general site operations and precast yards. The oil forms a physical barrier between the form and the concrete with the surfactant working in conjunction with the alkalinity of the concrete to produce a high standard of finish.

Mould Oil is appled by spray or brush , prior to concrete pour , and as near to time of placement of concrete as practical consditions permit.

Mould Oil data Sheet

Tie Fill

Shutterfill /TieFill  Repair Compound

A two-part polyester resin, quick setting repair compound for filling holes and damaged areas of timber formwork. Trowel applied. Shutterfill is a polymer modified, fibre reinforced, cementitious powder designed specifically for plugging tie holes. When mixed with water it forms a cohesive easy-to-apply shrinkage compensating compound and cures to develop a strongly bonded watertight plug to form an effective seal.  

Tiefill Data Sheet 

adjustable Kickers

Adjustable Kickers / Plastic Kickers

Adjustable Kickers are used to space wall shutters thus eliminating the need for a traditional kicker. They can be located in the centre of the wall with a cap on each end (double sided) or offset with one cap only (single sided) where a waterbar is present, or in a wide wall.  Packed in 50s.

Adjustable Kickers come as a complete set , with plastic spacers on each end. The cross bar can also be offset by hand.

Adjustable Kicker Data Sheet

Beamform Shuttering

Corrugated Beamform Shuttering

Disposable / Lightweight Formwork

BeamForm gives the contractor a quick and cost effective method of shaping formwork for ground beams / pile caps, and does away for need of ply or steel shuttering. Manufactured from 8mm heavy duty poly-propylene. It comes in a standard sheets size of 4.8m x 2.0m x 8mm, however if required it can be specified to come pre-scoured to suite the required beam sizes.It is formed into U sections to suit site rquirements and arrives flat packed. Beamform Data Sheet

column former

Column Formers

Bag Column formers are a single use of formwork system that gives an excellent smooth fair face surface finish. The column formers are manufactured by welding together several layers of high quality polyethylene. Once this is complete, a water resistant foil is also spirally wound over the kraft paper, sealing the column against humidity. This manufacturing process requires no additional adhesives which reduces the wall thickness, making the BAG Column formers light and easy to handle.  Maximum pour height for sizes below is 6 metres , we can supply column formers up to 1200mm diameter.    Column Former Data Sheet

Claymaster for Groundheave


1200mm x 2400mm sheets

Claymaster is a low density compressible expanded polystyrene used to relieve the effects of groundheave. It is coloured pink for easy identification on site. Its main applications are to vertical faces of groundbeams in piled and trenchfill foundations.To be fixed onto the vertical face of the groundbeams using Claymaster Fixing Pins.   Claymaster Data Sheet

Hyrib Formwork

Hy Rib / Rib Stop

Expanded Metal Sheet is a galvanized permanent shuttering system with a unique design incorporating mesh and roll formed ribs. This system retains poured concrete and achieves a significant reduction in the pressure of concrete normally associated with conventional formwork. It can be placed before reinforcing rods which are installed after by piercing them through the mesh area in the Hy-rib.

Applications include construction joints, stop ends and retaining walls where the surface finish to the concrete is not important but is also suitable for installation in water retaining structures . Hy Rib / Rib Stop data Sheet



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