Newton Type A (External Waterproofing)

British Standard 8102:2009 defines 'Type A' waterproofing as ''Barrier Protection''

which is applied to either the internal or external surface of a structure in order to resist the pressure of water trying to enter the building.

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Newton Hydrobond SA

A high performance, self-adhesive membrane for the external waterproofing of below-ground structures such as basements, water holding tanks and culverts. The membrane acheives a high-strength in temperatures as low as 5 degrees and delivers exceptional peel adhesion and crack-bridging qualities. Hydrobond SA Data Sheet

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Newton Hydrobond SAGM

Is a flexible and durable membrabe, is designed for external waterproofing and gas proofing of below-ground structures, post-applied to below-ground concrete, block or ICF walls.  Hydrobond SAGM Data Sheet

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Hydrobond 403 Plus & 403 Plus GB

A high performance, self-healing membrane with a locking fleece on the inner surface and a hydrophilic polymer coating externally. The membrane is BDA Approved, NHBC accepted as Type A Waterproofing, and the gas barrier variant provides  resistance to Radon, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons. Hydrobond 403 Data Sheet

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Hydrobond 402 CCS

Is a high performance membrane for the external waterproofing of below-ground foundation structures, basements, water holding tanks, culverts and tunnel bases. Pliable and durable, the membrane negates the requirements for a smooth blinding and protection boards when used as a ground level DPM. Hydrobond 402 Data Sheet

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Hydrobond 410 GeoDrain

A two core-drainage sheet consisting of a non woven geotextile filter layer thermally welded to a water impermeable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) drainage membrane. 410 provides drainage and protection to the outside face of basement walls to sloping sites, preventing the build-up of water pressure and protecting the structure from aggressive water, chemicals and toxins and provides mechanical protection only when used agaianst the 'Type A' waterproofing where the site is not sloping and so where ground water removal is not viable or recommended.   Hydrobond 410 Data Sheet

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Hydrobond 2K-FLEX

A radon gas certified, bitumen/rubber waterproofing membrane used primarily for the external waterproofing of earth-retaining structures such as basements and foundation walls. Forms a thick, highly flexible barrier to water ingress that can be applied to fill voids, cracks and joints. Environmentally friendly and solvent-free Hydrobond 2k-Flex consists of two components; a bitumen emulsion and a reactive powder. These two components chemically react when mixed to produce a firm, yet still highly flexible coating that can be applied by trowel or by airless spray machine. Hydrobond 2k-Flex Data Sheet

Newton Type A (Internal Waterproofing)

British Standard 8102:2009 defines 'Type A' waterproofing as ''Barrier Protection'' which is applied to either the internal or external surface of a structure in order to resist the pressure of water trying to enter the building.

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Hydroseal 103 2K

A two component thixotropic, cementitious modified polymer waterproofing membrane with high adhesion, designed for the internal and external waterproofing of concrete and steel elements of water-retaining/water-resisting structures such as reservoirs, water tanks, below ground structures, podium decks, balconies and parking areas.

Hydrobond 103 Data Sheet

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Hydroseal 104

Applied to the surface of concrete to provide in-depth protection against the movement of moisture through the capillaries and hairline cracks within the concrete. It consists of Portland Cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals. Newton 104 is supplied in powdered form and is either sprinkled on to fresh concrete or is mixed with water as a carrier and brush applied as a slurry for application to fully cured or older concrete or vertical surfaces.   Hydrobond 104 Data Sheet

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Hydroseal 107 Elastic 2K

Cementitious coating for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and masonry. Can be spray-applied so ideal for large projects. Suited to the waterproofing of reservoirs, tunnels, water tanks, basements, podium decks, flat roofs and balconies.

Hydrobond 107 Data Sheet

Hydroseal 110 Waterstop

Fibre reinforced cement/epoxy workable mortar suitable for surface repair and surface smoothing. Numerous applications including the damp proofing of walls and slabs and the waterproofing of concrete structures, as well as being a primer for a number of Newton System 100 Liquid Waterproofing Products.  Hydrobond 110 Data Sheet

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Hydroseal 105 1K

A single-component, polymer-modified, cement-based waterproofing slurry that incorporates advanced micro silica polymer and fibre technology. When cured, it creates a dense matrix with very high adhesion that is impermeable to water to 10 bar of water pressure to both the positive and negative pressure suides of the structure. Single-component system, requiring only the addition of clean water. 

Hydrobond 105 Data Sheet

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HydroCoat Tanking Slurry

A single-component, mineral coating that is simple to mix and easy to apply. Unlike conventional slurries,  HydroCoat Tanking Slurry includes advanced crystillising and capillary-blocking chemicals that also enhance the bond of the coating to the substrate. Can be applied both internally and externally to a variety of substrates to form an effective barrier against positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.

HydroCoat Tanking Slurry Data Sheet

Newton Type B (Integral Waterproofing)

British Standard 8102:2009 defines 'Type B' waterproofing as designing the structure itself to be integrally waterproof and the primary resistance to water ingress.

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Hydrotank 301 EP Metal Waterbar

Alongside a well designed and well placed reinforced concrete structure, designed in accordance with BS EN 1922 to limit flexural and sectional cracking, the use of correctly selected, designed and installed waterbars in the joints and penetrations will help to acheive a watertight 'Type B'  structure.

Hydrotank 301 Data Sheet

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Hydrotank 315 Waterbar

A high grade, hydrophilic waterbar with high elasticity and high tensile strength, made from a polymer which swells when in contact with moisture. Ideal for sealing structures against water leaks to both cast-in-place concrete and precast construction joints. 

Hydrotank 315 Data Sheet

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Newton Leakinject 2K Flex 6811 LV

A two component, elastic PU Resin with very low viscosity. Developed for water sealing walls, floors, underground structures and concrete structures. Also suitable for use with injection hoses.

Leakinject 2K Flex Data Sheet

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Hydrotank 308 Stopaq

Single-component, highly flexible compound used for sealing conduits and pipes through service duct sleeves. An incredibly effective pipe sealant, the compund seals around numerous services within the sleeve, even where significant water ingress exists.  Hydrotank 308 Data Sheet 

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Newton DampSafe 809-HP DPC

A high performance polymeric, radon rated, DPC which will not extrude under load, up to the point of compressive failure of the wall. It will also not adversely affect the ability of a properly designed and built wall to sustain and transmit compression. Available in eight widths from 100mm to 900mm.

DampSafe 809 Data Sheet

Newton Type C (Internal Cavity Drain)

Btitish Standard 8102:2009 defines 'Type C' waterproofing as ''drained protection'' where water leaking through the structure is accepted into voids and air spaces, strategically placed to the inside of the structure, that depressurise the incoming water and safely remove it from the property.

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Newton 503 Membrane

BBA certified, 3mm Cavity Drain Membrane for Basements - Suitable for use internally below the ground to retaining walls, vaulted soffits and floors. Newton 503 is a high quality cavity drain waterproofing and damp proofing membrane suitable for use internally above or below the ground.  Hydrobond 503 Data Sheet

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Newton 503 Ancillaries

Ancillary products for use with Newton System 500 - A selection of specialist ancillary products that are critically important for the correct installation of Newton System 500 Cavity Drain Membranes. 

Newton 503 Ancillry Data Sheet

Newton 508 Membrane

BBA Certified, 8mm cavity drain membrane for basements - 508 is the most commonly used membrane within the Newton 500 range. 508 is guaranteed against deterioration for 30 Years, with a life expectancy of at least 50 Years. Newton 508 Data Sheet

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Newton 508 Eco Floor Membrane

BBA Certified, 8mm cavity drain floor mambrane for basements. More studs per m2 results in higher compressive resistance with less loading to the substrate.  Newton 508 Data Sheet

Newton 520 eco Membrane

A cavity drain waterproofing membrane made from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It is one of the main constituent parts of Newton System 500, Newtons' BBA Certified, 'Type C' cavity drain system, used for waterproofing of floors within earth-retained structures, that includes drainage channels sited below the membrane for increased drainage capacity. With it's 20mm deep stud profile Newton 520 is used as a high drainage capacity floor membrane and is generally specified where it is anticipated that there may be a risk of severe water penetration.

Newton 520 Data Sheet

Newton Lath Mesh Membrane

Damp proof membrane, comprising of high density polyethylene membrane with a rot-proof polythene mesh that is heat-welded during the manufacturing process to the surface of one side. The meshed surface creates a mechanical key to allow the membrane to be plastered, rendered or to receive dot and dab plasterboard. Provides a surface that is totally seperated and unaffected by the dampness within the wall ensuring that the wall finish will never be affected by moisture or salts.

Newton Lath Mesh Membrane Data Sheet

Newton Titan Pump

The Newton Titan is a compact pump chamber for the collection of surface and groundwater. The unique octagonal sump shape ensures structural stability and provides eight large surfaces for inlets into the pump of up to 110mm via an optional wall flange. The sump chamber also features a flared base to prevent floatation. The compact size means that the Titan is ideally sized for confined spaces such as light wells and small cellars.

Newton Titan Pump Data Sheet

Newton Titan-Pro Pump

The Newton Titan-Pro is a sump chamber designed specifically to be used with the Newton CDM, Type C, cavity drain waterproofing system. The adjustable neck allows for the sump to be installed at a fixed height relative to the slab so that the connection in from the Newton BaseDrain drainage system and the pump rising main are made above the concrete and always at the same height relative to the slab or raft.

Newton Titan-Pro Data Sheet

Tarmac Whitewall Plaster

The recommended finish for Newton Meshed Membranes.

Designed for use on cavity drain membranes and solid substrates, such as brick, block and stone. The moisture resistance of the plaster makes it ideal for use with cavity drain membrane systems and tanking systems in underground and humid environments, such as basements, leisure centres and underground rail stations. Is a moisture resistant durable plaster designed to be applied using the same methods as traditional backing plaster and finished like a first class finishing plaster. Provides a white, hard durable surface which does not need to be decorated and is highly resistant to impact damage.

Tarmac Whitewall Plaster Data Sheet

In addition to supplying the whole range of Newton Products we can provide:

Site visits to make sure the correct product is  specified in the first instance.

Do take off's to make sure the correct amount of product is supplied.

Provide on site visits while product is being used to make sure it is installed correctly.

Be available for any technical issues no matter how small or what you may deem as trivial.

All the above provided FOC as part of our commitment/relationship with Newton Products.



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