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barrier mesh

Barrier Mesh Fencing

Barrier Fencing Mesh is a highly visible, tough plastic barrier used for cordoning off areas both indoors and outdoors. Offers high visibility.

fencing pins

Fencing Pins

Fencing Pins are manufactured from steel with a looped end. Used in conjunction with Barrier Fencing Mesh

road pins

Road Pins

Constructed in mild steel and pointed at one end to allow penetration of tough ground conditions. Specifically designed for use with road forms both fixed and rigid. These pins hold the road form in perfect position while concrete is drying. They are also used for numerous tasks around site, such as marking out and positioning work pieces.

wooden setting out steaks

Wooden Setting Out Steaks

These wooden marking out stakes - sometimes called pegs - are made of of high quality softwood and are suitable for general survey projects and setting out jobs on construction sites

line marker paint

Line Marker Paint

Line marker is a high quality fast drying and hard wearing acrylic line marking paint which is a lead and xylene free formulation. For use on concrete, tarmac, wood and composites.

hazard tape

Self Adhesive Hazard Tape

Hazard Tape is a hi-tack and durable self adhesive PVC warning tape for floor and hazard marking.

barrier tape

Barrier Tape

Barrier Tape is a non-adhesive economy tape designed for marking out hazardous areas.

frost blankets

Frost Blankets

Easy and inexpensive solution to allow concrete to be laid even when temperatures fall below 5 degrees. The thermal insulation effect of the frost blanket significantly reduces the loss of natural hydration heat from the concrete enabling safe curing to take place.

hessian rolls

Hessian Rolls / Mats

Used for the protection of concrete and masonary.

pallet wrap

Pallet Wrap

High Resistance to tearing, ideal for wrapping and protecting goods on site. Supplied with extended core for ease of use.


Waterproof Tarpaulins

Laminated waterproof tarpaulins for covering up on site. Provided with holes at 1m intervals for tying


Spray & Gripbond Adhesives

Spray on Contact adhesive comes in 500ml spray cans and suitable for range of fixing applications. Solvent free Gripbond instant grab adhesive is ideal for holding joint fillers in place whilst pouring concrete.


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cube moulds

Polystyrene & Metal Cube Moulds

Polystyrene cube moulds , 100mm & 150mm provide an economical method for testing on site. Heavy Duty metal cube moulds are 4 part available in 100mm and 150mm.

tamping bar

Concrete Tamping Bars

Used to produce concrete test cubes to measure compressive strength in accordance with BS EN12390-2

Concrete Curing Tanks / Thermometers

Concrete Curing Tanks / Thermometers

110V Curing tanks are perfect economy tanks for onsite testing of concrete test cube moulds. They maintain temperature of the cubes at the required 20 Degree C . Also available thermometers maximum / minimum with integral probe.

Slump Cones / Tamping Bar / Aluminium Scoop

Slump Cones / Tamping Bar / Aluminium Scoop

Slump Cones are used to test the workability of concrete by measuring the amount the concrete collapses when removed from a standard mould. Slump Cone Tamping bars are used to eliminate air voids in the concrete slump test sample.


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Sealant ( Skeleton ) Gun

Sealant ( Skeleton ) Gun

Sealant (Skeleton) Gun 400ml capacity for the application of sealants and adhesives.

Bulk / Barrel Gun

Bulk / Barrel Gun

Bulk Gun (600ml Foils) Appplicator gun for use with sausage silicone packs Foam.

Foam Applicator Gun

Foam Applicator Gun

Foam Applicator Gun PU foam gun for precise application of gun grade foams Heavy duty version available.

Resin Applicator Gun

Resin Applicator Gun

Resin Applicator Gun Heavy duty gun with quick release trigger for instant pressure release. For use with polyester resin fixing systems.

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Blow Out Pump

Blow Out Pump For removal of dust prior to use of injection resins.

Sealant Mixing Paddle

Sealant Mixing Paddle

Mixing Paddle Range of paddles available for mixing grouts / sealants.

Sealant Follower Plate

Sealant Follower Plate

To be used specifically to vacuum suck material from 2.5 litre tins into cartridges or barrel guns like thioflex 600.


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Gorilla Buckets

Gorilla Buckets

Gorilla Buckets 42 Litre tub - ideal for mixing grouts etc.

Plastic Buckets

Plastic Buckets

Plastic Builders Bucket General purpose plastic bucket with pouring lip.

Roller & Tray Set

Roller & Tray Set

Roller & Tray Set 230mm roller complete with hardwearing plastic tray.

Radiator Roller & Tray Set

Radiator Roller & Tray Set

Radiator Roller & Tray Set 100mm mini roller and plastic tray for small / awkward areas.

paint brushes

Paint Brushes

Range of paint & tar brushes available from stock.

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