Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance DPC

Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance Damp Proof Course (DPC) is manufactured from co-polymer thermoplastic (CPT) providing all the characteristics necessary for it to perform effectively for the lifetime of the building in which it is incorporated. Excellent performance under high compressive loads . Zedex jointing tape ( 100mm ) and Zedex Fixing strip are used with this DPC system.

Zedex DPC | Roll Size | Price

Zedex DPC | Roll Size | Price

Zedex DPC | 100mm x 20mt | £ 9.90

ZedexDPC | 150mm x 20mt | £ 14.85

Zedex DPC | 225mm x 20mt | £ 22.27

Zedex DPC | 300mm x 20mt | £ 29.70

Zedex DPC | 450mm x 20mt | £ 44.55

Zedex DPC | 600mm x 20mt  | £ 59.40

Zedex DPC | 900mm x 20mt | £ 89.10

Zedex DPC | 1000mm x 20mt | £ 99.00

Jointing Tape | 100mm x 15mt | £ 26.95

Fixing Strip | 20 x 2mt Pack | £ 84.65

Pins / Concrete | 50 per pack | £ 27.44

Pins / Insulation | 500 per pack | £ 135.65

Visqueen Preformed Cavity Tray Units

An integral part of the Zedex High Performance Damp Proofing System, the Visqueen range of standard preformed cavity tray units simplify detailing at corners, changes of level, etc. They reduce the time required on site to install a DPC cavity tray and eliminate the likelihood of water ingress at these complex, awkward junctions.

Please click on the links to the cavity trays and fill in your measurements , and we will return price based on your exact requirements . Preformed Stop End Cloaks   ,  Preformed Surface Fixed Stop End , Preformed Change Of Level CloaksPreformed Change of Level Cloaks Part 2 , Preformed Corner Cloaks.

Also available : Visqueen High Bond DPC  & Visqueen Housing Grade DPC

Higrade Polymeric Damp Proof Course

Higrade High performance polymeric damp proof course system is compatible with commonly used building materials,including mastic’s, hot applied bituminous damp-proof membranes and self adhesive membranes. Higrade DPC is compatable with most construction materials , it is also compatible with all membranes for use in totally integrated structural waterproofing systems . Damp Proof Course in accordance with BS code of practise CP102:1973.

Higrade DPC | Roll Size | Price

Higrade DPC | Roll Size | Price

Higrade DPC | 100mm x 20mt | £ 10.00

Higrade DPC | 150mm x 20mt|  £ 15.00

Higrade DPC | 225mm x 20mt | £ 22.50

Higrade DPC | 300mm x 20mt | £ 30.00

Higrade DPC | 450mm x 20mt | £ 45.00

Higrade DPC | 600mm x 20mt | £ 60.00

Higrade DPC | 900mm x 20mt | £ 90.00

Jointing Tape | 100mm x 15mt | £ 21.15

DPC Fixing Strip | 20no x 2mt pack | £ 45.60

DPC Fixing Plugs | 250 per pack | £ 69.50

Century 2000 Polythene  Damp Proof Course

ALDERCOURSE CENTURY 2000 D.P.C. is manufactured to approved British Standards Requirements for the composition, finish and impermeability of Polythene Damp Proof Course for use in masonry construction . Applications  :   Near to ground level as a moisture barrier ,  To close cavities at openings in brickwork , In parapets, to prevent downward water penetration,  Beneath sills and coping made of porous material ,  The high profile embossed surface gives greater adhesion to mortar particularly in the early stages of building when high winds can damage the stability of incomplete walls. Century 2000 DPC Data Sheet .

All rolls supplied in standard lengths of 30 linear metres. Rolls are supplied packed in polythene sleeves allowing easier and more economical handling, storage and distribution.

Polyethylene DPC | 100mm x 30mt

£ 4.20/roll | 9 rolls per Pack

Polyethylene DPC | 150mm x 30mt

£ 6.30/roll | 6 rolls per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 225mm x 30mt

£ 9.45/roll | 4 rolls per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 300mm x 30mt

£ 12.60/roll | 3 rolls per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 337mm x 30mt

£ 14.18/roll | 3 rolls per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 450mm x 30mt

£ 18.90/roll | 2 rolls per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 600mm x 30mt

£ 25.20/roll | 2 rolls per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 900mm x 30mt

£ 37.80/roll | 1 roll per pack

Polyethylene DPC | 1000mm x 30mt

£ 50.40/roll | 1 roll per pack

Also available Visqueen Polyethyene    /    Plastic DPC .


Ruberoid Hyload Original  DPC

Trusted for over 50 years, Hyload Original is the UK’s leading High Performance DPC. Suitable for damp proofing and cavity trays in all solid/cavity wall applications (brick, block, stonework and concrete), it is resistant to compression even under the heaviest of wall loading and won’t extrude under load. Features and Benefits - BBA approved (Certificate no. 95/3133) - Over 50 years’ proven reliability - Excellent performance under high compressive loads - Good flexibility at low temperatures - Market leading mortar adhesion - Tough and durable - Available in a wide range of size - Complementary preformed cloaks available - Contains over 70% recycled materials . Hyload Original DPC Data Sheet.

Hyload DPC | Roll Size | Price

Hyload DPC | Roll Size | Price

Hyload DPC | 100mm x 20mt | £ 14.50

Hyload DPC | 150mm x 20mt | £ 21.75

Hyload DPC | 225mm x 20mt | £ 32.63

Hyload DPC | 300mm x 20mt | £ 43.50

Hyload DPC | 450mm x 20mt | £ 65.25

Hyload DPC | 600mm x 20mt | £ 87.00

Hyload DPC | 900mm x 20mt | £ 130.25

Hyload DPC | 1000mm x 20mt | £ 145.00

Hyload DPC Jointing Tape | 100mmx 10mt Roll

£ 13.95

Hyload DPC Lap Adhesive | 500ml Can

£ 29.65

Hyload DPC Fixing Strip | 20 x 2mt Pack

£ 57.00

Hyload Fixing Pins Masonary |  Pack

£ Call For Price

Hyload Fixing Pins Insulation | Pack

£ Call For Price

Hyload DPC Mastic | 2.5 litre tin

£ Call For Price

Ruberoid Hyload Trade DPC

Hyload Trade is a polymeric DPC material suitable for use as a DPC and cavity tray system for all types of construction including house building, commercial, industrial and multi storey. Hyload Trade DPC uses the same proven technology as used with Hyload Original DPC, which was the first system of its kind in the UK and was awarded the first ever Agrément Certificate in 1967. Hyload Trade Data Sheet.

IKO Hyload Trade  conforms to the requirements of ground gas protection measures designed to the NHBC traffic light system, and CIRIA C665. The product currently does not conform to the requirements of ground gas protection measures designed to BS8485:2015.

Hyload Trade DPC | Roll Size Price

Hyload Trade DPC | Roll Size | Price

Hyload Trade DPC | 100mm x 20mt £ 11.00

Hyload Trade DPC | 150mm x 20mt | £ 16.50

Hyload Trade DPC | 225mm x 20mt £ 24.75

Hyload Trade DPC | 300mm x 20mt | £ 33.00

Hyload Trade DPC | 450mm x 20mt £ 49.50

Hyload Trade DPC | 600mm x 20mt | £ 66.00

Hyload Trade DPC | 900mm x 20mt £ 99.00

Hyload Trade DPC | 1000mm x 20mt | £ 110.00

Ruberoid Hyload Permabit DPC            Permabit Data Sheet

Permabit has long been the DPC of choice for many brickwork contractors, offering excellent performance in terms of tensile, elongation and tear strength. It provides horizontal, vertical or stepped DPCs including cavity trays in solid/cavity walls of brick, block, stone or concrete. A mixture of bitumen, synthetic polymers, synthetic fibres and other additives, Permabit excels where mortar adhesion is particularly important, for example in lightly loaded areas .

Permabit DPC | Roll Size | Price

Permabit DPC | Roll Size | Price

Permabit DPC | 100mm x 20mt £   41.03

Permabit DPC | 150mm x 20mt | £   61.55

Permabit DPC | 300mm x 20mt £ 123.09

Permabit DPC | 450mm x 20mt | £ 184.64

Permabit DPC | 600mm x 20mt £ 246.80

Permabit DPC | 900mm x 20mt | £ 369.27

Hyload Preformed Cloaks & Cavity Trays

Call for price   0800 047 6775

Protection against wind-driven rain is needed to waterproof any building. As most masonry is permeable, preformed cloaks and cavity trays are ideal for collecting water that has penetrated the outer skin, expelling it via ‘weep holes’

Hyload preformed cloak units simplify the damp proofing of awkward junctions and eliminate leakage paths. They also enable swift installation, saving potential problems and costly remedial works on site. For complex architectural details, Hyload special cloaks can be provided from bespoke drawings through to on site delivery. Lift Pit Cloaks are also available as Special Cloaks through Ruberoid’s dedicated structural waterproofing technical services team. Hyload Preformed Cloak Units Options .


RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC

RIW Sheetseal 9000 is a key product in our range of high quality polymeric damp proof course materials. Based on a composition of Ethylene Propylene rubbers and polyester fibres which increases the tensile strength and elongation at break making the system more resistant to tearing and puncturing. RIW Sheetseal 9000’s strength, flexibility and workability provides an efficient method of controlling water penetration within a building.

The RIW Sheetseal 9000 range of damp proof course materials includes DPC in widths ranging from 100mm to 1000mm, Cavity Trays and various accessories such as Stop End Units, Corner Units, Joint Supports & Jointing Tape.  RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC Data Sheet.

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | Roll Size | Price

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | Roll Size | Price

Sheetseal 9000 DPC  |100mm x 20mt | £ 32.54

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 150mm x 20mt | £ 48.81

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 225mm x 20mt | £ 73.22

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 300mm x 20mt | £ 97.62

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 450mm x 20mt | £ 146.43

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 600mm x 20mt | £ 195.26

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 900mm x 20mt | £ 292.86

Sheetseal 9000 DPC | 1000mm x 20mt | £ 262.90


Damcor & Hyload Insulating Vertical DPC

Damcor 165mm x 6 mt roll ( 100mm insulation )  Damcor  225mm x 6 mt roll ( 140mm insulation )

A complete and simple solution to thermal bridging where the cavity is closed. Combining advantages of expanded Polystyrene and Polyethylene DPC, DAMCOR is designed to prevent the problem of cold bridging around window and door openings in traditional cavity constructions. At these points in the structure, condensation with possible consequential staining and mould growth, can occur at the reveals due to the lack of insulation where the cavity is closed.  The product is simply placed in the cavity with the DPC overlap trapped between the window/door frame and the exterior brickwork. No special fixings or installation techniques are necessary. The product can be rolled or folded. It is easily cut with a knife or trowel and can be lap-jointed with no loss of thermal efficiency. No material need ever be wasted.                          

Damcor Insulated DPC

RollSize | Price

Damcor Insulated DPC

165mm x 6mt | £ 28.34

Damcor Insulated DPC

225mm x 6mt | £ 38.86

Hyload Insulated DPC (previously Ruberclose) has been developed to minimise cold bridging when closing masonry cavity walls around openings. Designed to be installed as work proceeds, it is easy to handle and resilient enough to accommodate irregularities in cavity closers. Hyload Insulated DPC ( Ruberclose ) Data Sheet .

Hyload Insulated DPC

Roll Size | Price

Hyload Insulated DPC

165mm x 8mt | £ 45.59

Hyload Insulated DPC

225mm x 8mt | £ 64.65

SCS Thermalstop Insulated Economy DPC

We stock 6mt & 10mt Rolls of 165mm and 225mm  Thermal Stop Insulated DPC. Used to provide insulation and damp proofing between the inner brickwork and outer blockwork to prevent damp and help eliminate mould growth. Our 10 metre rolls are GWP & ODP zero rated , so compatable with central London green targets.

SCS Thermalstop Insulated DPC

Roll Size | Price

SCS Thermalstop Insulated DPC

165mm x 6 mt | £ 18.65

SCS Thermalstop Insulated DPC

165mm x 10mt | £ 31.08

SCS Thermalstop Insulated DPC

225mm x 6mt | £ 26.85

SCS Thermalstop Insulated DPC

225mm x 10mt | £ 44.70


Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

Visqueen Gas Resistant (GR) Damp Proof Course is a flexible polyethylene DPC with an aluminium foil designed to prevent the transmission of carbon dioxide, radon, methane and low level hydrocarbon vapours. This is in addition to the product’s usage as a damp proof course. Resistance to harmful gases is achieved by an integral aluminium film. Visqueen GR Data Sheet .

Visqueen GR DPC | Roll Size | Price

Visqueen GR DPC | Roll Size | Price

Visqueen GR DPC | 300mm x 30mt | £ 93.10

Visqueen GR DPC | 700mm x 30mt | £ 217.21

Visqueen GR DPC | 400mm x 30mt | £ 124.13

Visqueen GR DPC | 800mm x 30mt | £ 248.27

Visqueen GR DPC | 500mm x 30mt | £ 155.15

Visqueen GR DPC | 900mm x 30mt | £ 279.30

Visqueen GR DPC | 600mm x 30mt | £ 186.20

Visqueen GR DPC | 1000mm x 30mt | £ 310.30

Visqueen Ultimate DPC

Visqueen Ultimate Damp Proof Course is a blend of ethylene co-polymers suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons and methane, together with excellent damp proofing properties. Visqueen Ultimate DPC is available in 30m lengths and in two widths, 600mm or 850mm.  Visqueen GX Hydrocarbon Data Sheet .

Visqueen Ultimate DPC

Size | Price

Visqueen Ultimate DPC

600mm x 30mt | £ 259.10

Visqueen Ultimate DPC

850mm x 30mt | £ 367.05

Visqueen Ultimate D/Sided Tape

100mm x 15mt | £ 33.65

Visqueen Ultimate Lap Tape

150mm x 10mt | £ 46.75

Visqueen Ultimate Top Hats

110mm | £ 39.77

Visqueen Ultimate Top Hats

160mm | £ 44.65

Visqueen Ultimate Preformed cavity tray Units

Please click on the links to the cavity trays and fill in your measurements , and we will return price based on your exact requirements .Preformed Stop End Cloaks , Preformed Surface Fixed Stop End , Preformed Change Of Level Cloaks , Preformed Change of Level Cloaks Part 2 , Preformed Corner Cloaks.

Visqueen Zedex Hi Bond DPC

Visqueen Zedex High bond DPC is available from us in various widths . This product is made from aluminium, bonded to tough polyester, which is then coated with modified bitumen (asphalt) and silica sand to finish. Obviously, it is a very tough, heavy duty material. This product has an improved adhesion to concrete and is able to be torch bonded. It is particularly suitable for cavity tray applications and is able to bear loading of walls of up to three storeys. It also has some gas protection as it has low permeability to methane gas. 

Zedex High Bond DPC | Roll Size | Price

Zedex High Bond DPC | 450mm x 8mt | £ 76.60

Zedex High Bond DPC | 600mm x 8mt | £ 102.14

Zedex High Bond DPC | 1000mm x 8mt | £ 170.22

Aldercourse GRA Gas/Hydrocarbon Resistant DPC

Aldercourse GRA is an aluminium cored damp-proof course, developed in combination with Alderprufe MR50 or GRA to provide a continuous "through the wall to floor" junction. Both products have a low permenance of methane and other gases including radon.  Aldercourse GRA is suitable for use as the associated damp-proof course particularly where resistance is required to the ingress of methane. It may be used in conjunction with Alderprufe MR50 or GRA and similar methane retardant membranes. If resistance to methane is a factor, great care must be taken with detailing on all parts of the structure.

Aldercourse GRA DPC | Roll Size | Price

AldercourseGRA DPC | Roll Size | Price

Aldercourse GRA DPC | 400mm x 8 mt | £ 41.44

Aldercourse GRA DPC 500mm x 8mt | £ 51.80

Aldercourse GRA DPC | 600mm x 8 mt | £ 62.16

Aldercourse GRA DPC 1000mm x 8mt  | £ 103.60

Multistick Gas Tape | 50mm x 15 mt | £ 19.75


Brick Mesh Coils    20 metre rolls    65/115/175/305mm

Expanded metal brickwork reinforcement is embedded in mortar joints (usually every third course) to give extra tensile strength to wall and help withstand vibration and sudden loading, or to minimize unsightly cracks due to settlement. The material is galvanized or stainless steel and normally finished in 20 meter coils.

Galvanised Coils |   65mm x 20mt | £  8.55

Stainless Steel Coils | 65mm x 20mt  |   £ 17.75

Galvanised Coils | 115mm x 20mt | £ 16.76

Stainless Steel Coils | 115mm x 20mt |   £ 26.87

Galvanised Coils | 175mm x 20mt | £ 19.88

Stainless Steel Coils | 175mm x 20mt |   £ 34.98

Cavity Wall Ties / Brick ties / Frame Cramps

Light Duty ( Type 4 ) -   General Purpose ( Type 2 ) - Heavy Duty ( Type 1 )     Call for Price   0800 047 6775

Type 4  Wall Tie 225mm  | £  42.50 / 250

Type 4 Wall Tie 250mm  | £ 49.75 / 250

Type 2 Wall Tie 225mm   | £ 49.75 / 250

Type 2 Wall Tie 250mm |  £ 60.00 / 250

Type 1 Wall Tie 225mm   | £ 84.00 / 250

Type 1 Wall Tie 250mm |  £ 87.00 / 250

Frame Cramps 100mm  | £ 48.00 / 100Frame Cramps 150mm  |  £ 59.65 / 100
Slip Ties PPS 200mm    | £ 41.00 / 100Debonding Sleeves 20/100  |  £ 39.50 / 250

Wall ties, sometimes called 'brick ties', are used in buildings with cavity walls. They are used to join the two leaves of a cavity wall together, allowing the two parts to act as a homogeneous unit. Hidden from view after construction, wall ties play a vital role in ensuring the stability of a building.

Brickspan Masonary Reinforcement  Call for price 0800 047 6775

MSF Masonry Reinforcement, also known as Brickspan, Brickforce and Bed Joint Reinforcement is primarily used to strengthen walls, Stainless Steel can be used on both inner and external bricks/blocks whereas galvanised is more suited to internal walls. Our Masonry Reinforcement aids to reduce cracking within walls and structures, as well as providing general support.

Stainless Steel Brickspan - 54 metres per pack      Galvanised also available

SBS30W60 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 94.92

SBS30W100 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 97.86

SBS35W60 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 110.96

SBS35W100 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 118.27

SBS40W60 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 131.20

SBS40W100 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 144.98

SBS50W60 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 188.14

SBS50W100 | 20 x 2.7mt pack | £ 196.08


Thermabate Cavity Closers

30 metre packs  50mm - 100mm  ( 10 x 3 mt lengths)   Thermabate Data Sheet

The Thermabate insulated cavity closer provides a simple and efficient method of closing cavities around openings in masonry walls. The insulating foam core prevents thermal bridging, while the PVC-U box section forms a positive damp proof barrier and key for the direct application of plaster. It effectively prevents condensation, pattern staining and mould growth frequently associated with traditional methods of closing cavities

Thermabate | 50mm 10 x 3mt lengths | £ 155.38

Thermabate | 65mm 10 x 3mt lengths | £ 168.75

Thermabate | 75mm 10 x 3mt lengths | £ 180.00

Thermabate | 85mm 10 x 3mt lengths | £ 195.00

Thermabate | 90mm 10 x 3mt lengths | £ 215.00

Thermabate | 100mm 10 x 3mt lengths | £ 225.00

SCS Cavity Closers

24 metre packs 50mm - 125mm   ( 10 x 2.4 mt lengths )

The SCS Cavity Closer has been designed to provide an easy and effective way of closing the cavities within openings in masonry walls for windows and doors.

50mm | Cavity Closer | 24mt pack | £ 92.20

75mm | Cavity Closer | 24mt pack | £ 114.00

100mm | Cavity Closer | 24mt pack | £121.20

125mm | Cavity Closer | 24mt pack | £ 142.45


Airbricks /  Telescopic Vents  /  Weep Vents

The Airbrick has been designed to provide high levels of ventilation into cavity walls and under floor voids.  The brick incorporates a front mounted grille with water deflectors. A mortar key around the edge of the airbrick ensures it can be securely fixed to the building fabric and a clip together facility provides a choice of ventilation sizes.

The Telescopic Underfloor Void Ventilator is designed to provide a clear airflow passage to the void underneath a suspended floor.The telescopic feature enables the ventilator to adjust vertically between three and five brick courses. The right airflow can be achieved when the ventilator is used with an Airbrick.

The Weep Vent is used to drain lintels, cavity trays and to ventilate cavity walls. The product can be slotted between two bricks and mortared into position. It provides an unobtrusive ventilation point for the cavity behind. The vent has a baffled grille to prevent the ingress of driving rain and wind whilst incorporating an insect grille and drip lip. This grille is sized to keep out large insects but is wide enough that it will not be blocked by debris, paint or water droplets.

Airbrick all colours  | £ 2.45

Weep Vent all colours   £ 30.45 / 50

Telescopic Vent | £ 3.55

Telescopic Vent Extension | £ 4.80


Visqueen Zedex DPC

Visqueen Fixing Strip

Visqueen Fixing Strip

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Hi Grade DPC

Hi Grade DPC

visqueen damp coarse

Polyethylene Damp proof Course

Polyethtylene DPC

Polyethylene DPC

Polyethtylene DPC

Hyload DPC

Hyload Fixing Strip

Hyload Fixing Strip

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Hyload Trade DPC

Hyload Trade DPC

HYload Permabit

Hyload Permabit DPC

Hyload Mortar Match DPC

Hyload Mortar Match DPC

Hyload Preformed Cloaks

Hyload Preformed Cloaks

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC

RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC

damcor diagram

Damcor Insulated DPC

Damcor Insulated DPC

Damcor Insulated DPC

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Hyload FR Insulated DPC

Hyload FR Insulated DPC

Hyload Insulated

Hyload Insulated DPC

SCS Insulated DPC

SCS Insulated DPC

Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC

Visqueen Hydrocarbon GX

Visqueen GX Hydrocarbon DPC

Visqueen GX Top Hat

Visqueen GX Top hat

Visqueen Corner Unit

Visqueen Corner Unit

Hyload Gastite DPC

Hyload Gastite DPC

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Expamet Brick mesh

Expamet Brick Mesh

brick Mesh reinforcement

Brick Mesh Reinforcement

Brick Ladder reinforcement

Brickladder Reinforcement

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Thermabate Cavity Closer

Thermabate Cavity Closer

miothene brick Joint filler

Miothene Brick Joint Filler

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Telescopic Vent

Telescopic Vent



weep vents

Weep Vents


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