Specialist Construction Supplies  can offer a complete concrete reinforcement package including cut & bent bar, reinforcing mesh fabric , rebar couplers  and the full range of concrete slab accessories . We can also provide a fast and efficient delivery service covering Yorkshire and the North of England , this has now expanded to London and the south east , for a quick response and competitive price please call 0800 047 6775 or email bar schedules and mesh requirements to .


Where steel reinforcement of a slab is required for structural reasons, the specification will more than likely require high-tensile steel bars as well as fabric mesh, and the design should be undertaken by a qualified engineer. Steel mesh comes in a wide array of profiles with varying mesh sizes and wire sizes as indicated in the table below.

The most commonly specified steel fabrics for paving works are A142 (6mm wires), A193 (7mm wires) and A252 (8mm wires). A142 mesh is often used in 100mm thick light-use slabs such as paths, driveways and garage bases, while A252 is normally associated with heavier-duty 150-200mm thick slabs, with A193 used in either. In light-use applications, a single layer of fabric may be used, but in heavier jobs, two layers are used "top and bottom".

There must always be a minimum of 50mm cover over steel reinforcement, both above, below and around . The fabric is supported from beneath at regular intervals by Hystools, Wire ring spacers, concrete bar spacers, Grade Plate Spacers which are purpose made for use with the sheets of Mesh fabric. . These spacers are placed roughly every 600mm or so, sufficient to carry the fabric without allowing it to sag unacceptably.

Mesh Fabric | Sheet Size

Wire | Price

A142 Mesh Fabric|  2.4mt x 4.8mt

6mm | £ 46.46

A193 Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

7mm | £ 63.46

A252 Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

8mm | £ 69.71

A393 Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

10mm | £ 92.00

We can also supply Structural Mesh Fabrics  B1131 , B785, B503, B385, B283, B196 in full sheets  , as well as Stainless Steel mesh. Please call for price  0800 047 6775 .

Mesh fabric | Sheet Size

Wire | Price

B283 Structural Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

5mm/5mm | £ 61.57

B385 Structural Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

7mm/7mm | £ 78.72

B503 Structural Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

8mm/8mm | £ 95.16

B785 Structural Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

10mm/8mm | £ 117.66

B1131 Structural Mesh Fabric | 2.4mt x 4.8mt

12mm/8mm | £ 159.65

Standard Sheet


Concrete Spacers        Square bars for mesh reinforcement

SCS heavy-duty concrete square bars are manufactured in 1 metre lengthsa from 20mm up to 100mm. Fixing costs are greatly reduced as the bars can simply be laid on the formwork or ground floor sub-base prior to the loading of the reinforcement cage. Other applications include their use as kickers and formwork spacers.

Flat based , double and triple cover concrete spacers are designed for use on both vertical and horizontal applications. The flat base provides additional support and stability where the weight of reinforcement is high.

Concrete Square Bar Spacers x 1 metre long :

30mm x 30mm x 1mt | £ 1.90 

40mm x 40mm x 1mt | £ 2.20

50mm x 50mm x 1mt | £ 3.02 

60mm x 60mm x 1mt | £ 3.75

75mm x 75mm x 1mt  £ 4.95100mm x 100mm x 1mt | £6.25

Concrete Double Cover & Triple Cover Spacers

Double Cover | 40/50mm | £ 34.50/200

Double Cover | 60/75mm | £ 18.50/50

Triple Cover | 20/25/30mm | £ 38.00/500

Triple Cover | 35/40/50mm | £ 39.00/200

Plastic Spacers      For Rebar and Mesh Reinforcement

Our plastic spacers are available as A-Clip, wheel spacers, tric trac line spacers, pile cage spacers and grade plate spacers. Plastic levelling shims are suitable for the erection of precast concrete units. All are designed for heavy-duty application.

Plastic Line Tric Trac Spacers are supplied in 2000mm lengths and are ideal for supplying bottom reinforcement in suspended slabs . It is also particularly suitable for use on metal decking.

Plastic , clip on wheel spacers provide cover through a full 360 degrees and therefore ideal for columns , walls and beams.

Grade Plate spacers are a popular double cover spacer that have been designed for use in groundbeams and slabs. Its large base area prevents puncturing of polythene or groundheave products and provides a stable support for the reinforcing steel. each spacer is capable of holding the steel at two different heights.

Plastic Tric Trac Line Spacers x 2 mt lengths - Prices :

Plastic Tric Trac | 20mm 100mt Pack | £ 110.00

Plastic Tric Trac | 25mm 100mt Pack | £ 115.00

Plastic Tric Trac | 30mm 100mt Pack £ 127.00

Plastic Tric Trac | 35mm 60mt Pack | £ 93.00

Plastic Tric Trac | 40mm 60mt Pack  | £ 120.00

Plastic Tric Trac | 50mm 60mt Pack | £ 159.60

Plastic Wheel Spacers For Vertical Rebar Applications - Prices are per 1000 no :

Wheel Spacers | 15mm 4-10mm Bar | £63.95

Wheel Spacers | 20mm 4-12mm Bar | £78.00

Wheel Spacers | 20mm 12-20mm Bar | £89.50

Wheel Spacers | 25mm 4-12mm Bar | £87.00

Wheel Spacers | 25mm 12-20mm Bar | £102.00

Wheel Spacers | 30mm 4-12mm Bar | £99.50

Wheel Spacers | 30mm 12-20mm Bar | £112.00

Wheel Spacers | 35mm 4-12mm Bar | £107.95

Wheel Spacers | 35mm 12-20mm Bar | £117.50

Wheel Spacers | 40mm 4-12mm Bar | £118.95

Wheel Spacers | 40mm 12-20mm Bar | £129.76

Wheel Spacers | 50mm 4-12mm Bar | £134.95

Wheel Spacers | 50mm 12-20mm Bar | £149.95

Wheel Spacers | 60mm 12-20mm Bar | £188.00

Wheel Spacers | 70mm 12-20mm Bar | £246.00

Wheel Spacers | 75mm 12-20mm Bar | £384.00

Plastic Grade Plate Spacers  - Double Cover Clip On Spacers - Prices :

25/30mm | Grade Plates 250/pack | £ 34.25

40/50mm | Grade Plates 200/pack | £ 32.47

65/75mm | Grade Plates 200/pack | £ 48.55

90/100mm | Grade Plates 100/pack | £ 55.50

Wire Spacers      For Reinforcing Mesh /Fabric Sheets

The standard two metre long Continuous Hystools are particularly suitable for ground floor slabs as their unique design eliminates any danger of puncturing damp proof membranes. The circular Spacers provide a quick, easy and economical method of supporting reinforcement in concrete slabs. The spacers are delivered in 3.0 metre long straight lengths, which can be formed into a circle of 1.0 metre diameter. We recommend 4 circular spacers per sheet of mesh. The Hystools are in packs of 25 no , the ring spacers are in packs of 20 no.

Hystools /Deckchairs / Trestles x 2 metre - Price  :

50mm Hystools | 25 x 2mt Packs £ 59.25

75mm Hystools | 25 x 2mt Packs | £ 62.45

100mm Hystools| |  25 x 2mt Packs £ 66.25

150mm Hystools | 25 x 2mt Packs | £ 72.00

Circular Wire Spacers /Ring Spacers / Hoop Spacers x  3.2 metre - Price :

50mm Ring Spacers 20 per pack | £ 39.50

75mm Ring Spacers 20 per pack | £ 45.65

100mm Ring Spacers 20 per pack | £ 55.45

150mm Ring Spacers 20 per pack | £ 64.20

Rebar safety Caps / Mushroom Safety Caps

Rebar Safety Caps/ Mushroom Caps  are specifically designed for use in the construction industry and fit over the ends of protruding bars reducing the risk of injury.

Rebar Safety Caps 6-18mm Bar | £50.00/250

Rebar Safety Caps 16-32mm Bar | £70.00/250


Email Bar Schedules to

Our rebar products offer the best steel reinforcement bar none. We can supply a wide variety of rebar solutions, ideal for strengthening the structure and improving the load-bearing capabilities of all foundations and building works.

From the highly cost effective straight length high tensile rebar, used as a tensioning device to hold compression in reinforced concrete, to PVC coated steel gabions, used to prevent erosion and add extra support to retaining walls, each and every one of our rebar products possess unique benefits to enhance the structural soundness of your foundations.

We can even bend and cut the bars to suit your requirements, and we'll bend over backwards to deliver the perfect product at great value for money. On top of this, we have all the accessories you need, from frost blankets which offer durable protection from extreme weather conditions, to couplers for joining and reinforcing steel bars.

Square Links 10mm x 300mm x 300mm | £ 3.50

Square Links 10mm x 400mm x 400mm | £ 4.50

Square Links 12mm x 300mm x 300mm | £ 4.90

Square Links 12mm x 400mm x 400mm | £ 5.50

Rectangular Links 10mm x 300mm x 400mm | £ 4.90Rectangular Links 10mm x 400mm x 500mm | £ 5.95
Rectangular Links 12mm x 300mm x 400mm | £ 5.95Rectangular Links 12mm x 400mm x 500mm | £ 6.75

Available - L Bars - U Bars - Rectangular Links - Square Links - Stainless Steel Reinforcement

L Bars 12mm x 500mm x 1000mm | £ 5.50

L Bars 12mm x 1000mm x 1000mm | £ 7.10

L Bars 16mm x 500mm x 1000mm | £ 9.50

L Bars 16mm x 1000mm x 1000mm | £ 12.60

U Bars 12mm x 1000mm x 200mm x 1000mm  | £ 7.80U Bars 12mm x 1000mm x 300mm x 1000mm | £ 8.20
U Bars 16mm x 1000mm x 200mm x 1000mm  | £ 13.95U Bars 16mm x 100mm x 300mm x 1000mm  | £ 14.75


Email Bar Schedules to

High Tensile Rebar is available from us in a number of standard rebar sizes in straight lengths. What is Rebar? This product is a standard reinforcing steel rod that is used as a tension device in concrete structures to strengthen and hold the concrete together. It is incredibly versatile and very long lasting. By being cast into structures, it effectively counteracts the poor tensile strength of concrete. It is able to be cut to desired size and welded into position. For any further assistance with this product, or any in our range, please speak to a member of our expert team on 01423 331600

High Tensile Reinforcing Bar -  Straight Lengths up to 6000mm Long - Prices :

High Tensile Rebar | 10mm x 6000mm | £15.95

High Tensile Rebar | 12mm x 6000mm | £21.82

High Tensile Rebar | 16mm x 6000mm | £30.62

High Tensile Rebar | 20mm x 6000mm | £42.70

High Tensile Rebar | 25mm x 6000mm | £54.62

High Tensile Rebar | 32mm x 6000mm | £69.50

Please call for discount on large quantities - There is a minimum order charge on rebar .

Fosroc Galvafroid  Anti Corrosion galvanising paint

Fosroc Galvafroid provides a galvanic protection on iron and steel. It can beused as a self-finish or as a durable rust inhibiting primer beneath selected top coats. It is recommended for the protection of structural steelwork, agricultural and construction plant and machinery, gates, railings, iron pipework and guttering, and the rust prevention of in-situ welding work.

Price |  Fosroc Galvafroid

400ml | £ 24.44  each

Price | Fosroc Galvafroid

800ml | £ 38.95 each

Price | Fosroc Galvafroid

1.9 litre | £ 83.25 each

Price | Galvafroid Thinner

500ml | £ 41.59 each


Call for Price   0800 047 6775 - Email Bar Schedules to

Rebar Shape


Tapered Thread Standard Couplers

Tapered Threaded Standard Couplers are available from us in different sizes depending on your needs; please see our drop down menu for the full list. Couplers are used in Rebar construction to connect two rebar rods together. This product is specifically designed to seamlessly connect bars of the same diameter while allowing one bar to be rotated. The coupler itself is made up of an internally threaded sleeve tapered towards the middle covered by a metal casing. Standard   Rebar Couplers Prices  :

Standard Coupler | 10mm | £ 29.99/each

Standard Coupler | 12mm | £32.99/each

Standard Coupler | 16mm | £ 36.85/each

Standard Coupler | 20mm | £40.65/each

Standard Coupler | 25mm | £ 44.02/each

Standard Coupler | 32mm | £49.25/each

MBT Mechanically Bolted Couplers

MBT couplers require neither bar end preparation to form threads nor bar rotation to effect installation. The bars are supported within the coupler by two serrated saddles. As a series of lockshear bolts are tightened to a predetermined torque, they are embedded into the bar. At the same time the saddles bite into both the bar and the shell of the coupler. Installation is complete when the heads of all of the bolts are sheared off. The lockshear bolts on sizes 10mm to 20mm can be tightened using a ratchet wrench. For larger sizes a nut runner is recommended. Impact tools must not be used. MBT couplers can be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed reinforcing bars.   MBT Couplers For Rebar Prices  :

MBT Couplers | 10mm | £ 18.92/each

MBTCouplers | 12mm | £ 21.45/each

MBT Couplers | 16mm | £ 24.35/each

MBT Couplers | 20mm | £ 36.42/each

MBT Couplers | 25mm | £ 42.65/each

MBT Couplers | 32mm | £ 58.65/each

ALC Alligator Splice Off Couplers

The ALC Alligator Couplers are used for splicing any grade or profile of reinforcing bar. These couplers are made for reinforcement steel with diameters in the range of 10mm to 40mm. Connection is made by inserting bars into both ends of the coupler. The breaking bolts are then screwed by hand and tightened by ratchet wrench until bolts shear off. These couplers can be used in particular cases to replace the damaged reinforcements with new ones and to connect to the old structure.  ALC Alligator Couplers Price -:

Alligator Coupler | 12mm/180mm | £19.45/each

Alligator Coupler | 16mm/230mm | £22.32/each

Alligator Coupler | 20mm/280mm | £26.80/each

Alligator Coupler | 25mm/390mm | £31.65/each

Alligator Coupler | 32mm/480mm | £52.65/each


COMAX Reinforcement Continuity System

Comax Reinforcement Continuity Systems are designed to maintain continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete. Formwork design is simplified and there is no need to drill shuttering. Each unit consists of a galvanised steel casing which is dimpled to provide an effective concrete bond. Pre-bent bars are housed within the box and are secured by a protective cover. When the cover is removed the bars can be straightened ready for lapping onto the main reinforceme  : Box made from galvanized steel-sheet , The bars are bent in accordance with standard DIN 488.  Box-length. approx. 1,25 m. Other stirrup-types and Diameters on request.  

Comax 140mm box x H12 x 150mm Centres | £ 35.07/each

Comax 140mm box x H12 x 200mm Centres | £32.99/each

Comax 160mm box x H12 x 150mm Centres | £ 38.95/each

Comax 160mm box x H12 x 200mm Centres | £37.65/each

Comax 190mm box x H12 x 150mm Centres | £ 40.20/each

Comax 190mm box x H12 x 200mm Centres | £38.95/each

Prices available for 10mm & 16mm rebar continuity boxes

Other continuity systems available Eazistrip x & Kwikastrip  call 0800 047 6775

a252 mesh

A252 Reinforcement Mesh

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

mesh fabric

Mesh Fabric

mesh placement

Setting Up Mesh Fabric

Concrete Spacer Bar for Mesh

Concrete Spacer Bar for Mesh

double cover concrete spacer

Double Cover Concrete Spacer

concrete spacers

Concrete Spacers

ring spacers

Circular Wire Spacers

ring spacers


ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Tric Trac

Plastic Spacer Bars For Mesh

Grade Plate 2

Plastic Grade Plate Spacers

plastic wheel spacers

Plastic Wheel Spacers

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

tye wire

Tying Wire

tying tools

Tying Tools / Wire Cutters

Blue Polythene

Damp Proof Membrane

Plastic screed chairs

Plastic Screed Chairs

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

c & B 2

Cut & Bent Rebar

l shaped rebar

L Shaped Rebar

stainless steel rebar

Stainless Steel Rebar

rom safety cap

Rebar Safety Caps

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

cropped dowels

Dowel Bars


Tapered Bar Coupler


Threaded Bar Coupler

st steel couplers

Stainless Steel Couplers


Alligator Couplers


Ancon Eazistrip



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