Conbextra GP      Base Plates  / Void Filling / Steel bars / Tie bars

Conbextra GP is used for general purpose , non shrink , cementitious grouting for gap sizes from 10 to 75mm . Recommended applications at flowable consistency include stanchion base plates , bolt pockets and void filling. At trowellable consistency Conbextra GP is recommended for bearing load bearing components.   Data Sheet

Price | Conbextra GP Non Shrink Grout

25kg bag | £ 36.59 per bag

Weber Five Star Grout     Pre Cast Units / Anchor Bolts / Crash Barriers 

Five Star Grout is a premixed cementitious grout developed for applications where an economical grout with good flow and strength is required. Five Star Grout Standard is based on specially selected Portland cements, graded aggregates and admixtures including a special form of carbon.   Data Sheet

Price | Weber Five Star Grout

25kg bag | £ 36.65 per bag

BASF Masterflow 765 Non Shrink Grout     Bearing Pads / Machine Bases

Masterflow 765 is recommended for: Grouting bearing pads and plinths , Grouting under machinery, base plates, stanchion bases and crane rails , Anchoring bolts, reinforcing bars and rods , Underpinning .Masterflow 765 is a ready to use non-shrink grout. It can be used from fluid to plastic consistencies for the grouting of equipment and machinery, bearing pads, rails and anchoring.   Data Sheet

Price Masterflow 765 | Non Shrink Grout

25kg bag | £ 42.65 per bag


Tarmac Pozament Construction Grout     Data Sheet

Pozament General Purpose Construction Grout (previously Cemrok Easi-Flow CG) . Pozament General Purpose Construction Grout has been specifically designed for anchor or base plate grouting, under machinery and stanchion plates, grouting rails and bridge bearings, fixing bolts, parapet rails etc. It can also be used in its plastic state as a bedding mortar.

Price | Tarmac Pozament Construction Grout

25kg bag | £ 24.95 per bag

Sikagrout 111 GP     

SikaGrout 111 GP is a one part flowable shrinkage compensated general purpose cementitious grout which meets the requirements of BS EN 1504-6. Used for the anchoring of reinforcing bars, general purpose grouting, under stanchion plates, filling cavities, voids, gaps and recesses, sealing around penetrations, machine and base plates, post fixings. For interior and exterior use.

Price | SikaGrout 111

25kg bag | £ 29.95 per bag

Waxed Bolt Boxes – Polystyrene, Metal & Plastic Bolt Boxes

Manufactured from waxed cardboard, these bolt boxes enable easy bolt location adjustment with minimum displacement of reinforcement and concrete. Polystyrene and Metal bolt boxes are also available.

Waxed Bolt Cones / Waxed Bolt Boxes :

Price | 229mm £ 0.85/each

305mm £ 1.05/each          380mm | £ 1.26 each

Price | 457mm £ 1.46/each

534mm £ 1.68/each          610mm | £ 2.15/each

Polystyrene Bolt Boxes / Polystyrene Bolt Boxes :

Price | 229mm £ 0.80/each

300mm | £ 1.00/each

Price | 375mm £ 1.20/each

450mm | £ 1.58/each

Metal Bolt Boxes / Expamet Bolt Boxes:

Plastic Bolt Boxes :

Price 380mm  | £ 6.45 each ( 20 no per pack )

Holding Down Bolts          Other sizes available call 0800 047 6775

Holding down bolts also known as foundation bolts are Grade 8.8 BS7419 . Used for bolting down steelwork frames to concrete bases .Supplied with nuts and square plate washers.

Price M16 x 300mm | £ 5.45

M16 x 375mm | £ 5.75         M16 x 450mm | £ 6.75

Price M20 x 300mm | £ 6.25

M20 x 375mm | £ 6.95         M20 x 450mm | £ 7.85

Price M20 x 600mm | £ 8.22

M24 x 300mm | £ 8.25         M24 x 375mm | £ 10.75

Price M24 x 450mm | £ 12.76

M24 x 600mm | £ 14.75



Conbextra HF   Base Plates / Bridge Bearings / Crane Rails    Data Sheet

Conbextra HF is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. Conbextra HF is used for free flow, non shrink , cementitous grouting of gap thicknesses from 10mm to 100mm . The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a free flowing grout for gap thicknesses up to a 100mm. In addition the low water requirement ensures high early strength and long term durability.

Price | Conbextra HF High Flow Grout

25kg bag | £ 42.69 per bag

Pozament High Flow Construction Grout     Data Sheet

High Flow Construction Grout has been specifically designed to provide a high strength fluid grout for pouring into and under stanchion plates, machine base plates, parapet rails, for supporting bridge bearings and for filling ducts in post tensioned and pre-stressed structures.

Price | Tarmac Pozament Hi Flow Grout

25kg bag | £ 29.45 per bag

Conbextra TS   Grout    Gap thickness from 75mm to 500mm   Data Sheet

Conbextra TS is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a free-flowing grout for gap thicknesses 75 - 500mm. In addition the low water requirement ensures high early strength and long-term durability. Conbextra TS is a high-flow, non-shrink, aggregate filled cementitious grout  for gap thicknesses 75 to 500 mm It conforming to the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 Class R4 . Applications include stanchion baseplates where a large gap is present, joints between pre-cast concrete panels and filling box sections.

Price | Conbextra TS Grout

25kg bag | £ 69.72 per bag

Conbextra BB Grout        For Bridge Bearings & Parapet Posts   Data Sheet

Conbextra BB is a ready to use cementitious grout supplied in 25 kg moisture resistant bags. It has been formulated specifically for grouting of bridge bearings and parapet post baseplates. Complies fully with the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works March 1998 Clause 2601

Price | Conbextra BB Grout

25kg bag | £ 84.96 per bag

Conbextra UW  Grout    Specialist Grout for Underwater Applications

Conbextra UW is used for free flow or pumped grouting applications underwater or in tidal zones. There will be no significant ‘wash-out’ of the cement phase. Applications include bridge columns, quay pillars, concrete piling, slipways and dams. High early and ultimate strength and exceptional resistance to freeze-thaw cycling ensure durability of the hardened grout.     Data Sheet

Price | Conbextra UW Grout

25kg bag | £ 88.50 per bag

Rockbond Underwater Grout ( RB UWG )

ROCKBOND UNDERWATER GROUT (RB UWG) powder is a premixed cementitious grout powder specially formulated for underwater applications. The grout powder, when mixed with water, produces a material that is cohesive, mobile, self compacting and displays excellent resistance to washout when brought into contact with water.  

USES: + General underwater void filling applications. + Marine and fresh water underwater concrete repair and protection. + For use in hostile locations such as tidal and splash zones. + For the repair of seawalls, harbours, quays and jetties, ramps and slipways. + Fortification and repair of river and sea defences. + Repair and consolidation of water retaining structures, dams, pillars and bridge columns. + Waterlogged foundations, anchorages, pilings, conduits, pipes and sewers. + In situations where a quick, early strength gain is require

Price | Rockbond Underwater Grout ( RB UWG )

25kg bag | £ 62.50 per bag

Natcem 35 - High Strength Underwater Mortar

NATCEM 35 is a fast setting and fast curing mortar with a rapid strength gain that is resistant to chloride penetration, consisting of a blend of NATCEM Reg.31 Cement Binder, specially selected dried graded aggregates all passing a 2mm sieve and retarders. 

Properties Fast setting • Excellent adhesion • Low shrinkage • Low modulus of elasticity makes it very effective on poor or friable substrates • Excellent resistance to pure water and sulphated water • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals • Very good cohesion and mixing • Fine compact surface • No curing necessary. It can be coated, covered or painted as soon as setting is complete • Can be used in wet conditions • Can be used under water • High Strength • Low carbon dioxide permeability • Low water permeability.

Price | Natcem 35 Underwater Mortar

25kg bag | £ 49.65 per bag


Conbextra EP 10    Epoxy grout for gaps from 0.25mm to 10mm  Data Sheet

For grouting under baseplates, crane rails, turbines where heavy dynamic loads are encountered and areas where chemical spillage may occur. Conbextra EP10 for grouting gap thicknesses from 0.25 to 10 mm. Comprising of a two component, low viscosity unfilled epoxy resin system which is mixed and poured into the gap

Price | Conbextra EP 10

1.5 litre pack | £ 95.95 per pack

Conbextra EPR         Epoxy Grout for gaps from 10mm to 120mm    Data Sheet

Conbextra EP are epoxy resin based products designed for free-flow grouting of gap thicknesses from 0.25 to 120 mm. Two grades of product are available: Conbextra EPR for grouting gap thicknesses from 10 to 120 mm. A three-component system consisting of base resin, liquid hardener and specially graded inert fillers, which are mixed / poured into the gap.

Price Conbextra EPR

8 litre pack | £ 158.65 per pack

Price Conbextra EPR

15 litre pack | £ 227.50 per pack


Weber.tec EP Pourable Grout  Data Sheet

weber.tec EP pourable grout is specially formulated from epoxy resin and graded aggregates producing materi with exceptional toughness, chemical resistance, good flow characteristics and negligible shrinkage . Can be placed in much thinner sections than cementitious grouts resulting in cost savings, chemical resistance, good flow characteristics and negligible shrinkage.

Price | Webertec EP Pourable Grout

25kg bag | £ 138.89 per bag

Sikadur 42 HE           High Performance Epoxy grout    Data Sheet

Sikadur® -42 HE is a three-component, high performance, high precision, moisture tolerant, epoxy grouting system. For use at temperatures between +5°C and +30ºC . High-strength grouting and fixing of: Starter bars , anchors , fasteners , tie rods, crash barrier posts , fence and railing posts . Under-grouting and bedding of: Machine bases, seat base-plates for light and heavy machinery including heavy impact and vibratory machinery, reciprocating engines, compressors, pumps, presses, etc.

Price | Sikadur 42 HE

12kg pack | £ 149.65 per pack

Price | Sikadur 42 HE

24kg pack | £ 220.80 per pack


Fosroc Concure WB     Curing Agent   Data Sheet

Concure WB water based concrete curing compound is based on a low viscosity wax emulsion. It is supplied as a white emulsion which forms a clear film on drying. When first applied to a fresh cementitious surface the emulsion breaks to form a continuous, non-penetrating white coating. This dries to form a continuous clear film which provides a barrier to moisture loss, ensuring more efficient cement hydration, improved durability and reduced shrinkage.  Also available Flexcrete curing membrane WB .

Price | Fosroc Concure WB

20 litre drum | £ 142.95 per drum

Chemcure  S  Water Based,  Concrete Curing  Agent     Data Sheet

CONCRETE CURING LIQUID. Aqueous solution of metallic silicates which when applied to fresh concrete forms a micro crystaline seal in the pores reducing evaporation. Compatible with Silane. Also available with fugitive dye. WRAS APPROVED PRODUCT.

Price | Chemcure S Curing Agent

20 litre drum | £ 47.00 per drum

Price | Chemcure S Curing Agent

200 litre drum | £ 295.00 per drum

Water Based Curing Compound     

Locks in moisture into freshly cast concrete surfaces to prevent premature drying out, reducing the risks of surface cracking and dusting. The tinted version allows areas to be easily identified. The dye breaks down on exposure to UV light and will not permanently discolour the concrete. For freshly cast surfaces: Apply as soon as final tamping or trowelling has been finished. If surface water is present a second application is desirable as soon as the surface water has evaporated. Make sure the correct rate is used to avoid ponding as it may glaze the surface of the concrete. Also avaialble ADOCURE WW.

Price | Water Based Curing Agent 

25 litre drum | £ 48.50 per drum

Price | Water Based Curing Agent 

210 litre drum | £ 254.00 per drum


Plastic Sprayers    Compression sprayer 5 litre  & 10 litre Plastic tank.

Price | 5 litre Plastic Sprayer | £ 38.35

10 litre Plastic Sprayer | £ 83.95

Metal Sprayers  Compression sprayer 5 litre & 10 litre polyester coated steel tank

Price | 5 litre Metal Sprayer | £132.65

10 litre Metal Sprayer | £162.00


Water based Concrete Curer Sealer & Hardener    

Water Based Curer Sealer & Hardener  is a water based, low odour, membrane forming liquid for curing, sealing and dust-proofing concrete. Curer Sealer & hardener is suitable for use over new and old concrete and performs well on both interior and exterior concrete. After application and drying, the film is clear with a slight glossy appearance. Heavy applications and/or prolonged exposure to moisture will cause the cured film to have a milky appearance. Drying will allow the sealer to become clear again.

Price | Concrete Curer/Sealer/Hardener

25 litre drum | £ 135.95 per drum

Price | Concrete Curer/Sealer/Hardener

210 litre drum | £ 624.95 per drum


Sikafloor Proseal       Concrete Curer, Sealer & Hardener     Data Sheet

Sikafloor ProSeal (the Original and the Best) is a clear acrylic resin polymer solution, which impregnates concrete surfaces to cure,harden and seal fresh or hardened concrete. Curing membrane for fresh concrete , Surface hardener and dustproofer , Curing/sealing of Sika floor dry shake hardeners.

Price | Sikafloor Proseal

25 litre drum | £ 325.00 per drum

Price | Sikafloor Proseal

200 litre drum | £ 2074.00 per drum

Sikafloor Proseal Pro       Concrete  Curer & Sealer           Data Sheet

Sikafloor®-ProSeal Pro is a one part low odour clear acrylic resin polymer solution used to cure, harden and seal fresh or hardened concrete. Sikafloor®-ProSeal Pro is used for curing and sealing of fresh concrete floors , Provides curing and sealing for Sikafloor® dry shake hardeners , On concrete slabs where no specific curing efficiency or standards are required.

Price | Sikafloor Proseal Pro

25 litre drum | £ 307.00 per drum

Price | Sikafloor Proseal Pro

200 litre drum | £ 1910.65 per drum

Sikafloor Proseal W     High Efficiency surer sealer & Hardener   Data Sheet

Sikafloor ProSeal W is a one component higher efficiency, water-based curing, sealing and hardening compound for concrete floors. Sikafloor ProSeal W is used for optimum curing and sealing of fresh concrete floors and structures.  Sikafloor ProSeal W is used for optimum curing and sealing of fresh concrete floors and structures , Curing compound in order to limit surface drying and cracking. Provides curing and sealing for Sikafloor® dry shake hardeners , Anti-dust treatment and improvement of the abrasion resistance of existing concrete surfaces , Suitable for exterior and interior application .

Price | Sikafloor Proseal W

25 litre drum | £ 221.04 per drum

Price | Sikafloor Proseal W

200 litre drum | £ 1704.60 per drum


Sikafloor Curehard  24  Concrete Curer / Hardener / Sealer   Data Sheet

Sikafloor®-CureHard-24 is a one part, clear liquid based on sodium silicate to cure, harden and seal fresh or hardened concrete. Horizontal old or new concrete surfaces, where a hard surface with light to moderate abrasion resistance is required e.g. warehouses, industrial plants, stores, shopping malls, parking structures, service stations, hangars etc. On concrete slabs where no specific curing efficiency or standards are required.

Price | Sikaflex Curehard 24

25 litre drum | £ 145.95 per drum

Surface Dustproofer  &  Hardener

Spray or brush applied surface hardener and dustproofer for new and existing concrete floors. Dilute to give high penetration. When applied to an existing cement-bound floor it will significantly improve its properties.  Also available Adotuf & Ronaflex Concrete Dustproofer.

Price | Surface Dustproofer  Hardener

25 litre drum | £ 74.65 per drum

Price | Surface Dustproofer Hardener205 litre drum | £ 242.00 per drum


Plastic Sprayers             Compression sprayer 

Price | 5 litre Plastic Sprayer

£ 38.35 | 10 litre Plastic Sprayer | £ 83.95

Metal Sprayers          Compression sprayers

Price | 5 litre Metal Sprayer

£132.65 10 litre | Metal Sprayer | £ 162.00


Mould Oil   /  Concrete Mould Oil     

A special blend of oils with highly active surfactants that gives excellent release with no staining. Can be used on all types of formwork but particularly suitable for sealed or unsealed plywood. Use when early or normal striking times are employed. Produces stain-free surfaces and is WRAS Approved for use in potable water schemes. Also available Adostrike.

Price Mould Oil / Release Agent

20 litre drum | £ 67.50 per drum

Water based Mould Oil / Release Agent

Formwork Release Agent (WRAS Approved) Uses the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce an environmentally-friendly and highly efficient release agent for concrete formwork on site. Resistant to rainwater wash-off .

Price | Eurolease WB Mould Oil

25 litre drum | £ 59.25 per drum

Debonding Agent

A bituminous/asphalt based compound which will harden on dowel bars to form a thin plastic sheath which after casting of concrete will allow dowel bars to completely break bond with concrete. ADOBREAK is manufactured to comply with the requirements of Clause 1011 of the Specification for Highway Works 2001. 

Price | Debonding Agent

5 litre tin | £ 42.55 each

Price | Debonding Agent

25 litre drum | £ 162.55 each

combextra gp

Combextra GP


Non Shrink Grout

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

webercem grout

Weber.cem Grout

five star grout

Weber Five Star Grou

tarmac pozament grout

Tarmac Pozament Grout

Holding Down Bolts

Holding Down Bolts

conbextra uw

Conbextra UW

conbextra bb

Conbextra BB

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

conbextra epr

Conbextra EPR Epoxy Grout

conbextra ep10

Conbextra EP10

sikadur 42

Sikadur 42

webertec ep 2

Weber.tec EP EpoxyGrout


Concure WB Curing Agent

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

sprayer 2

Chemcure S Curing Agent

ecocure ww

Ecocure WW

plastic sprayer

Plastic Sprayer

metal sprayer

Metal Sprayer

proseal pro

Sikafloor Proseal Pro

sikafloor curehard

Sikafloor Curehard 24

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775


Adostrike Mould Oil


Concrete Dustproofer/Hardener

forstrike mould oil

Forstrike Mould Oil

safelease mould oil

Safelease Mould Oil

d bond

Debonding Agent

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

acid etch

Adoclean Brick Acid

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

graffitti remover

Graffiti Remover

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

graffitti remover


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