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Miothene Joint Filler 

For Brickwork & Concrete Expansion Joints

10mm & 12mm Miothene Joint Filler comes in 10 mt rolls

20mm & 25mm Miothene Joint Filler comes in 20 metre packs

A fast efficient, cost effective joint filler for all brick and concrete expansion joints. Miothene is a closed cell expanded polyethylene foam fillerboard that is tough and versatile which provides a rot proof, non absorbent, and non extruding fillerboard. It has low load transfer properties and is resistant to attack from most acids and alkalis. Miothene Data Sheet

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miothene 70

Miothene 70 High Density Joint Filler

Miothene 70 is a continuous chemically cross-linked closed cell semi-rigid polyethylene joint filler designed for forming critical movement/expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and blockwork. It is light, clean and easy to use, rot-proof, non-absorbent, resistant to most chemicals and oils, non-staining and has high weathering and ozone resistance.

Miothene 70 Data Sheet

Miothene 70 Sheets : 1 metre x 2 metre :

Thickness from 10mm to 50mm

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Joint filler

Miothene Joint Filler Sheets

Miothene Sheets are supplied in 10mm to 100mm form , and 1.2mt x 2mt & 1mt x 2mt sizes avaialble .. Uses include isolation joints between slab and walls around columns and brickwork expansion joints.  Miothene Data Sheet

Miothene Sheets : 1.2 metre x 2 metre :

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Fosroc MS60 Sealant

Nitoseal MS60 Brickwork Sealant

Nitoseal MS60  is suitable for sealing joints in concrete, brickwork , blockwork, perimeter sealing around doors and windows, and non trafficked joints.

Nitoseal MS60 adheres to most common building services  , has a fast cure rate , and is very easy to apply . Can also be applied onto damp substrates , is UV resistant and can also perform as an acoustic sealant. Nitoseal MS60 Data Sheet

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             Backarod Circular Foam

Backarod Circular Foam

Gap Filler for sealant

Backarod is a semi rigid flexible circular polyethylene foam, which is used to support the surface sealant and to act as a gap filler. It is of particular use where the expansion joint is not required to full the whole depth of the joint. It is available in various diameters from 6mm to 50mm, in standard coil lengths and packed in individual cartons.

Foam Backarod Data Sheet

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Joint filler

Extra Large / Bulk Rolls of Expansion Joint Filler

We stock large rolls of Expansion Joint Filler / closed cell polyethylene , from 6mm thick , used for screed edging, laminate floor / carpet underlay and use in underfloor heating systems . Other sizes 9mm / 11mm and 19mm  thick have many applications from Expansion joint fillers , Frost protection mats , Thermal insulation , Acoustic insulation , Shock absorption as well as being highly resistant to oil , grease and most chemicals and being flexible at very low temperatures . Data Sheet

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Joint filler

Extra Large / Bulk Sheets of Expansion Joint Filler

We can supply extra thick sheets of Closed Cell Expansion Joint Filler in 50mm , 75mm and 100mm thick blocks. The blocks have many applications from Expansion joint fillers , Frost protection mats , Thermal insulation , Acoustic insulation , Shock absorption as well as being highly resistant to oil , grease and most chemicals and being flexible at very low temperatures . These can also be used for sound deadening applications , as well as camping mats , they are non absorbant and lightweight so easy to move and extremely durable.

Data Sheet - Bulk Sheets

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Sikaflex PRO 3 Sealant

Sikaflex PRO-3 Purform

One part high performance floor sealant

Sikaflex PRO-3 is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant with high mechanical resistance. Sikaflex PRO-3 is a one part chemical and abrasion resistant polyurethane sealant for floors and water industry applications.

Sikaflex® PRO-3 is a multipurpose floor joint sealant suitable for  Movement and connection joints in floors,  Indoor and outdoor applications for pedestrian and traffic areas (e. g. parking decks, car parks) . In warehouses and production areas,  On surfaces such as in the food industry,  In ceramic tiles such as in public buildings etc.  Joints in waste water and sewage treatment plants  ,Floor joints in tunnel construction  Application in clean rooms. Sikaflex Pro-3 Data Sheet

Joint filler

Fosroc Expandafoam

Joint Filler for Brickwork/Blockwork & Isolation Joints

Expandafoam is a closed-cell polyethylene joint filler for use as an expansion joint filler in brick and blockwork, isolation joints and hinge joints where a readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required. Expandafoam strip comes in 15 mt rolls with a tear off strip , Expandafoam sheets are 2 mt x 1 mt and range in thickness from 10mm to 25mm. Expandafoam Data Sheet

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Joint filler

Fosroc Hydrocell XL High Density Joint Filler

Hydrocell XL is a cross linked, non-absorbent, semi-rigid, cellular polyethylene joint filler used for forming expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and blockwork. The product provides excellent support to sealants subject to hydrostatic pressure and is particularly recommended for water retaining or water excluding structures. Hydrocell XL Data Sheet

Hydrocell XL is available in sheets of 2m x 1 m and thicknesses of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

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Joint filler

Joint Filler Adhesive

For fixing Joint Filler to Concrete

Joint Filler Adhesive is designed to provide good adhesive properties for fixing Joint Filler Boards and Protection Boards to prepared surfaces including concrete, brickwork and previously applied Tanking Membranes. Supplied in 5 litre Cans.

Joint Filler Adhesive Data Sheet

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Joint filler

Fibreboard / Flexcell

Bitumen Impregnated Joint Filler

Fibreboard is a compressible, non-extruding, bitumen impregnated, fiberboard expansion joint filler suitable for forming joints between in-situ and pre-cast concrete components . A bitumen impregnated wood fibre fillerboard to BS1142, which displays excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. Fibre board can be used in conjunction with PVC void formers to form sealant void.  Complies with DOT Road and Bridges specification of Highway Works 1991 Part 3 clause 1015. Fibreboard Data Sheet

Sheet size 1200mm x 2200mm - Strips are cut to order

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Joint filler

Fosroc Thioflex 600 Polysulphide Sealant

Thioflex 600 is available in gun and pouring grades. The gun grade is ideal for general application. It is packed in a ready to mix, 2.5 litre tin containing the base and curing agent in the correct proportions. The pouring grade for joints in horizontal surfaces is supplied in 5 litre packs with the base and curing agent in separate tins.

Thioflex 600 is particularly recommended for use in highrise buildings and other applications where access for subsequent maintenance will be difficult and the risk of early movement failure must be minimised. It is also suitable for sealing joints in brickwork, retaining walls, basements and subways. Thioflex 600 pouring grade is recommended for initial sealing of expansion joints and stress relief joints in floors and sealing other horizontal surfaces. Thioflex 600 Data Sheet

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GCP Aerofil

GCP Aerofil 1 Joint Filler

Sheets & strips available

Aerofil® 1 is a white, inert, preformed, closed cell, polyethylene joint filler suitable for structural movement joints in concrete, brick and blockwork. Aerofil 1’s low compressive strength prevents the transfer of load across joint interfaces and makes it ideal for forming soft compression joints and expansion joints in brickwork facades as recommended by BS 5628: Part 3: 1985 Use of Masonry Clause 20.4.

Aerofill 1 is available in sheets of 0.8m x 2m and thicknesses of 10mm, 20mm, 25mm

GCP Aerofil 1 Data Sheet

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aerofill 1 & 2 joint filler

GCP Aerofil 2 Joint Filler

Sheets & strips available

Aerofil® 2 is designed for water retaining structures such as reservoirs, sea walls subject to thermal movement and wave action, and heavily trafficked floors such as pedestrian areas, factory flooring and elevated structures. Aerofil 2’s high compressive strength and density combined with low load transfer characteristics make it ideal for creating joints in large in-situ concrete sections without distortion from wet concrete and vibrating techniques.

Aerofill 2 is available in sheets of 0.8m x 2m and thicknesses of 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm  GCP Aerofil 2 Data Sheet

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Bitubond Cork / Korkpak Joint Filler

Preformed bitumen bonded cork joint filler board for critical water retaining, civil and structural expansion joints . Sheets and cut strips available up to 25mm.

Korkpak Data Sheet

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Neoprene Sponge

Neoprene Sponge Strips & Sheet

Chemical & Oil resistant

Neoprene is a trade name of Dupont for a rubber called Polychloroprene.
In the foamed format it becomes a closed cell sponge rubber, and it has an excellent characteristic for creating a seal or gasket upon the application of a small amount of compression. Generally used in applications where extremes of Fuel, chemical and Oil resistance is required . Availability: Many different densities and hardness’s with Flame Retardant properties are available. We offer a fast and efficient turnaround on rolls, sheets,coils ; which can be plain or self adhesive backed. Call for Data Sheet

Sheet Thickness available :

1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm/ 6mm / 10mm Price - Call 0800 047 6775

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Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene Rubber Strip

Excellent acid resistance

Neoprene rubber is a durable, solid rubber based product that is suitable for applications where weathering, mineral oils, or greases are apparent in common engineering and construction builds. A general-purpose grade of solid rubber, Neoprene rubber offers excellent acid resistance and has good resistance to ozone and oxidation. Furthermore, being hard to tear or rip, coupled with its strong compression set, neoprene rubber is an excellent choice when being used on anti-shock or vibration deadening products.

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epdm Sponge

EPDM Sponge Strip

Resistant to UV , liquids & gases

EPDM sponge strip plays a crucial part in sealing and spacing throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors. Strips that are manufactured from EPDM sponge make ideal seals against any ingress of water or air.

EPDM sponge strip have a closed cell structure and therefore don’t allow any liquid, gases or air to pass through them, creating a perfect airtight seal on your product. The compression of the EPDM sponge base material allows for uneven surfaces to be securely sealed once clamped down onto. EPDM sponge has excellent resistance to UV and ozone and therefore is widely used in external applications when parts will be subject to weathering. EPDM sponge is a relatively cheap sponge material choice making it a cost effective solution to most sealing applications. Call for Data Sheet

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miothene joint filler

SCP Expansionthene Joint Filler

For Concrete slabs & Brickwork

10mm & 12mm in 10 metre rolls

Expansionthene is a Closed Cell Expanded Polyethylene Foam supplied in sheet form or cut to slab depth/wall thickness as required. High Performance Expansion Joint Fillerboard, for concrete slab construction and brickwork joints, which is supplied pre-cut to depth of sealant for controlled void formation and easy removal.

Robust, non-absorbent with excellent recoverability of 100% from 50% compression, low load transfer, non extruding and resistant to attack by most acids and alkalis.

Expansionthene Data Sheet

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Expansionthene pw

SCP Expansionthene PW High Density Joint Filler

Expansionthene PW is a specially formulated high performance non absorbent, rot proof, closed cell cross linked Polyethylene Foam joint filler supplied in sheets or cut strips as required. It is recommended for use in expansion joints in water retaining and water excluding structures, floor slab construction, bridge joints and road expansion joints. Expansionthene PW is particularly suitable for use in expansion joints in potable water reservoirs and is listed by the United Kingdom Water Fittings Byelaws scheme. Expansionthene PW Data Sheet

Sheet Size : 2000mm x 1000mm -

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Flexcell 1

Bituflex Wood Fibre Fillerboard Strip/Sheet

Bituflex is a low cost, general purpose joint filler consisting of compressed wood fibre material, impregnated with bitumen emulsion. It complies with DOE (previously MoPRV) General Specification No. 201, Clause 606, and ASTM D. 1751.

Bituflex Data Sheet

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Bitubond Cork

SCP Bitubond Cork Joint Filler Board

Bitubond Cork fillerboard consists of granulated cork, premixed and securely bonded together with a hot bituminous mixture, evenly formed between two sheets of heavy asphalt - saturated felt paper.

Bitubond Cork fillerboard is highly resilient, water resistant, and can be easily handled without breakage. It is Non-Extruding, rot proof, with a recovery rate of over 80% following 50% compression, and is highly resistant to insect, fungal and bacterial attack. Call for Data Sheet

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Fosroc Colpor 200 PF

Colpor 200PF is a two-part component cold applied pouring grade sealant for pavement joints. It is flow applied into the joint either directly from the can or using a Fosroc G Gun.

For the sealing and meintenance of joints in concrete roads, concrete runways and hard standings. Particulary suitable for sealing areas where fuel and oil spillage might occur such as aircrfat hardstanding areas, oil terminals, garage forecourts, parking and cargo bays. Colpor 200PF Data Sheet

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Flame Retardant Joint Filler - PVC Nitrile Class O Rated

PVC nitrile sponge strip & sheeting is a soft closed cell sponge joint filler with a smooth outer skin. It has good resistance to heat, oil and weather and is also Flame retardant to  BS476 class O rated.   

PVC Nitrile joint filler  requires minimal compression to provide a seal whilst incorporating a water vapour barrier. PVC Nitrile joint filler  is suitable for applications requiring extremes of temperature, both hot and cold with a high conformity to flame retardant specifications and is suitable for a wide range of applications in the Construction, Glass & Glazing, Shipbuilding, Railways, Electrical Engineering and Automotive industries. 

Also available in  3mm , 13mm , 16mm and 32mm .  Self adhesive rolls can also be supplied to order . Call for Data Sheet

compriband super

Compriband TP600 Expanding Weatherseal Strip

Compriband TP 600 is an open-cell, flexible polyurethane foam sealant strip, impregnated with a flame retardant artificial resin, providing a high performance weatherproof seal when used within its operating range. Supplied in roll form, it is precompressed and ready for immediate use with a self-adhesive backing to aid location. After positioning, the material expands to find its own level and creates a permanent elastic seal. Remains flexible throughout its life and responds to expansion/ contraction cycle caused by thermal and structural movement. Fire Stop Strip Data Sheet

Compriband TP 600 _2 Compriband TP 600

Also available TP605 Compriband Super , TP450 Compriband Timbermax and TP651 Compriband Trio PLus , please call for price and delivery time .


Fire Stop Strip - Fire Rated Void Filler   

Fire Rating 4 hours

Fire Stop Strip is designed to prevent the passage of smoke and flames through narrow voids in the construction, offering up to four hours fire integrity when installed beween masonry or concrete. Possible applications include: top of masonry walls under the soffit, above partitions, expansion joints, and between ceilings and walls

Fire Stop Strip is easily installed, simply push fitting into the void to create a friction fit. No adhesive or mastic is required, but care must be taken to ensure no gaps remain as these will compromise the fire integrity. Compriband TP600 Data sheet

Firestop Strip Compriband TP 600

Fire Stop Strip can be manufactured to suit most voids up to 50mm thick .

corifill c500

PFC Corofil C144 & C500 Firestop Strips 

PFC Corofil C144 Firestop Strips provide firestopping for vertical and horizontal construction joints and at the interface between compartment walls and soffits. C144 Firestop Blocks are used to firestop profiles in roofing, cladding and floor decking. The blocks are manufactured to fit the specific profile used and to suit the width of the wall, beam or partition and the period of fire protection required (see fire rating table). Corofil C500 Data Sheet

PFC Corofil C500 Intumescent Expansion Joint provides an easy retro-fit solution to firestop existing construction joints up to 75mm thick in fire rated walls. Tested in accordance with BS 476:Part 20, PFC Corofil C500 Intumescent Expansion Joint provides up to 4 hours fire protection in cavities fitted horizontally and vertically.

PFC Corofil C500X Intumescent Movement Joint is a compressible product to fill fire rated joints in concrete block walls. Tested in accordance with BS 476:Part 20, PFC Corofil C500X Intumescent Movement Joint provides up to 4 hours fire protection in cavities fitted horizontally and vertically. Fire Rating : PFC Corofil C500X Intumescent Movement Joint will provide up to 4 hours fire protection (see technical data sheet for further details). Corofil C144 Data Sheet 

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