GCP Bituthene GP Membrane     Bituthene GP Data Sheet

Bituthene GP is a combination of high density polyethylene film and a self-adhesive rubber/bitumen compound. It is supplied in rolls 1mm thick overall, 1 metre wide and 25 metre long (25 sq metres). Applications : Waterproof. Capable of resisitng a hydrostatic head when fully supported (up to 1m of water.), Cold applied. No heating, self adhesive overlaps ensure continuity , Flexible. Accomodates minor settlemenet and shrinkage movement , Controlled thickness. Factory made sheet ensures constant, non variable site application, Rubber and Bitumen. Flexible and resistence to most dilute acids and alkalis , Lighter and Longer Roll. For ease of application and less storage .

Price | Bituthene GP Membrane

1mt x 25mt roll | £ 175.00 per roll

Price | Bituthene B1 Primer

5 litre tin | £ 36.95 each

Price | Bituthene B1 Primer

25 litre tin | £ 156.00 each

Price | Bituthene Protection board

2mt x 900mm | £ 20.56 each

GCP Bituthene 4000 Membrane Bituthene 4000 Data Sheet

Bituthene 4000 is a flexible preformed waterproof membrane combining a high performance cross laminated, HDPE carrier film with a unique super sticky self adhesive rubber bitumen compound. Bituthene 4000 is used with Primer B1 on prepared vertical and sloping surfaces and suspended slabs. Primer B1 is moisture tolerant and can be used on green concrete or damp to touch substrates.

Price | Bituthene 4000 Membrane

1mt x 20mt roll | £ 225.00 per roll

Price | Bituthene S2 Primer

5 litre tin | £ 48.25 each

Price | Bituthene S2 Primer25 litre tin | £ 212.00 each

GCP Bituthene 8000 Membrane Bituthene 8000 Data Sheet

Bituthene 8000 combines the proven Bi-tuthene adhesvive technology with a unique, grey coloured film barrier to provide superior performance and easier installation. It can be used horizontally or vertically to protect basements and other critical sub-structures from the affects of water, damp and gas penetraction. Gas Resisitant.

Price | Bituthene 8000 Membrane

1mt x 20mt roll | £ 285.00 per roll

Price | Bituthene S2 Primer

5 litre tin | £ 48.25 each

Price | Bituthene S2 Primer

25 litre tin | £ 212.00 each

GCP Bituthene Protection board Protection Board Data Sheet

A robust bitumen board comprising a hard bitumen compound coated one side with asphaltic paper and one side with printed polyethylene film. Recommended for use with Bituthene® and backfilled Preprufe® membranes. Suitable for use with graded backfill aterials.

Price | Bituthene Protection Board

2mt x 900mm sheets | £ 20.56 each

Price | Bituthene Servipak Board 3mm

1.5mt x 1mt sheets | £ 28.65 each

Price | Bituthene Sevipak Board 6mm

1.5mt x 1mt sheets | £ 49.65 each

Price | Bituthene Servipak Board 12mm

1mt x 1mt sheets | £ 48.00 each


GCP Bituthene Primers Bituthene Primers Data Sheet

B1 Solvent-based primer used to prepare vertical and sloping surfaces and suspended slabs, for Bituthene 3000 only. It is suitable for use on masonry or wood surfaces on which Bituthene 3000 membranes will be applied.

Price | Bituthene B1 Primer

5 litre tin | £ 36.95 each

Price | Bituthene B1 Primer

25 litre tin | £ 156.00 each

S2 Rubber-based primer in solvent specially formulated to provide good initial adhesion of Bituthene® waterproofing membranes. Used to prime 'green' concrete or damp to touch substrates, as well as masonry or wood surfaces, on which Bituthene® membranes will be applied.

Price | Bituthene S2 Primer

5 litre tin | £ 48.25 each

Price | Bituthene S2 Primer

25 litre tin | £ 212.00 each

GCP Bituthene Liquid Membrane Bituthene LM Data Sheet

Designed to complement sheet systems where liquid applied waterproofing is necessary to ensure watertight continuity. The compound cures to form a tough seamless rubber-like waterproof layer, suitable for pile terminations, pipe penetrations, membrane continuity through masonry, internal corners and difficult details. 

Bituthene® Liquid Membrane should preferably be applied prior to the installation of the waterproofing membrane. It can also be used as a pointing surface sealer. It is compatible with dry Primer B1 and B2 and the compound used on all Bituthene® and Preprufe® systems.

Price | Bituthene LM Liquid Membrane

5.7 litre tin | £ 144.95 each

Grace Hydroduct 220 & 200 Drainage Sheets

Hydroduct® 220 Drainage Composite consists of a thick drainage core and high performance geotextile. Designed to collect and transport water, it is recommended for use on foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, tunnels, earth-sheltered structures and planters. It serves as a drainage composite and protection course for all Bituthene® waterproofing membranes used on all vertical applications. Hydroduct 220 Data Sheet .

Price | Hydroduct 220 Drainage Sheets

1.25mt x 32mt roll | £ 710.00 per roll

Price | Hydroduct 200 Drainage Sheets

1.25mt x 32mt roll | £ 695.00 per roll

Grace Hydroduct Coil 150mm Basement Drainage Collector

Polypropylene non - woven filter fabric encapsulating a 25 mm studded drainage core. Installed at the bottom of basement walls and linked to the Hydroduct sheet (as shown on drawing) an alternative to a perforated sub soil drainage pipe. Connectors must be used to join Hydroduct Coil 150 to sub-soil drains.

Price | Hydroduct 150 Coil

150mm x 30.5mt Coil | £ 468.00 per coil


Fosroc Proofex 3000 S/Adhesive Tanking Membrane

A high performance self adhesive membrane for a range of waterproofing applications in- cluding basements and substructures. Proofex 3000 provides a vapour and waterproof mem- brane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts. Proofex 3000 Data Sheet

Price | Proofex 3000 Membrane

1mt x 20mt roll | £ 208.00 per roll

Price | Proofex 3000MR Membrane1mt x 20mt roll | 215.00 per roll

Price | Proofex Primer

5 litre tin | £ 36.20 each

Price | Proofex Primer

25 litre tin | £ 155.35 each

Proofex Protection Board / Detailing Strip

A board designed to protect waterproof membranes from damage through backfilling, trafficking, etc. Proofex Protection Board is bitumen impregnated. It is for use in conjunction with Proofex membranes. Proofex Engage Detail Strip A reinforced, double sided waterproof adhesive tape for use as reinforcing at all floor and wall junctions. It consists of a strong synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated both sides with a butyl adhesive, which is protected by a removable siliconised paper. Proofex Protection Board Data Sheet

Price | Proofex Protection Board

3mm x 1mt x 2mt sheets | £ 33.85 per sheet

Price | Proofex Engage Detail Strip

10mt x 200mm roll | £ 94.00 per roll

Proofex LM Liquid Membrane Solvent Free

A two component bituminous liquid membrane for waterproofing of underground structures and intricate details in conjunction with Proofex waterproofing systems. Proofex LM can be applied to damp surfaces. It is solvent free, seamless and flexible with crack-bridging capabilities and resistant to aggressive ground water. Proofex LM Data Sheet

Price | Proofex LM Liquid Membrane

28kg pack | £ 214.00 each

Price | Proofex LM Mesh

100mm x 50mt | £ 58.65 each



Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane ( SAM)

Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane is a self adhesive waterproofing system. It can be used as a tanking or damp proof membrane for both horizontal and vertical applications. Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane has BBA Accreditation, Certificate No. 12/4924. Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane prevents the ingress of water and associated water-borne alkalis present in some mortar and concrete. Visqueen SAM Data Sheet

Price | Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane

1mt x 20mt roll | £ 169.00 per roll

Price | Visqueen GR Self Adhesive Membrane1mt x 20mt roll | £ 238.66 per roll

Price | Visqueen HP Primer

5 litre tin | £ 45.00 each

Price | Visqueen Treadguard 1500 Board1mt x 2mt sheets | £ 20.35 per sheet

Visqueen Protect & Drain Visqueen Protect & Drain Data Sheet

Visqueen Protect&Drain consists of a geotextile filter membrane thermally bonded to a cupsated HDPE core . The product is 6mm thick and supplied in rolls 0.97 mt x 25 mt . It has a high flow capacity to alleviate hydrostatic pressure on below ground structures and has a high puncture resistance.

Price | Visqueen Protectadrain

0.97mt x 25mt roll | £ 296.78 per roll

Price | Visqueen Protectadrain1mt x 25mt x 12mm roll | £ 385.78 per roll
Price | Visqueen Protectadrain

0.9mt x 50mt x 25mm roll | £ 763.78 per roll

Visqueen Treadguard 1500 Protection Board

Visqueen Treadguard1500 is a tough heavy duty 100% recycled board designed to have high compressive strength to protect the membrane from following trades, positioning of reinforcement, etc. Excellent Puncture Resistance , Protects Membranes from Damage , 100% Recycled , Cuts CO2 Emissions by up to 62% , Non Compressive and Rot Proof , Complies with BS 8102:2009 and BBA Approved Systems . Visqueen Treadguard 1500 Data Sheet

Price | Visqueen Treadguard 1500 Board

1mt x 2mt sheets | £ 20.35 per sheet

Visqueen Treadguard 300 Protection Fleece

Visqueen TreadGUARD300 is A Medium Duty Protection Layer preventing damage to Visqueen damp and gas-proof membranes. TreadGUARD300 is a non-woven needle punched geotextile made of high tenacity virgin polypropylene fibres. The product is supplied in 2m x 75m roll format. Visqueen Treadguard 300 Data Sheet

Price | Visqueen Treadguard 300 Protection Fleece

2mt x 75mt roll | £ 392.94 per roll



SCS LONGSEAL 100 is a high performance, cold applied CE Certified waterproof membrane, manufactured from tough cross-orientated HDPE film to a layer of rubber modified bitumen adhesive. The advanced backing film gives improved technical performance on tear strength and tensile strength, puncture resistance and dimensional stability. It also offers good conformability for site application. SCS LONGSEAL GR membrane is a CE-Approved waterproofing membrane capable of resisting the passage of methane and radon gases. The membrane is made utilizing both an aluminum film and a cross-orientated HDPE film laminated to a layer of rubber-modified bitumen adhesive.

Major Areas of Use  :  For General Waterproofing - Internal and External tanking of underground structures - Reservoirs - Car Park and Roof Decks - Subways, Lift Shafts and Retaining Walls.

Price | SCS Longseal 100

1mt x 20mt roll | £ 120.00 per roll

Price | SCS Longseal GR

1mt x 20mt roll | £ 133.58 per roll

Price | SCS Longseal  Primer

20 litre  | £ 94.00 each

Price - SCS Protection Board3mm x 1mt x 2mt Sheets  - £ 17.85 each


Sheetseal 226 RIW S/Adhesive Tanking Membrane

RIW Sheetseal 226 is a cold applied, high density polyethylene film (HDPE Sheeting), coated with a bitumen/rubber self adhesive layer with a removable reinforced silicone paper. Typically HDPE Sheeting is used as an external or internal basement tanking system or ground floor DPM, particularly where large areas are to be waterproofed . Sheetseal 226 Data Sheet

Price | RIW Sheetseal 226 Tanking Membrane

1.05mt x 19.05mt roll | £ 244.00 per roll

Price | RIW Sheetseal 226 Tanking Membrane

150mm x 20mt roll | £ 96.95 per roll

Price | RIW Sheetseal 226 tanking Membrane

300mm x 20mt roll | £ 147.00 per roll

Price | RIW Sheetseal Primer

5 litre tin | £ 39.65 each

Price | RIW Sheetseal Primer

25 litre tin | £ 149.00 each

Protection Board RIW RIW Protection Board Data Sheet

RIW Protection Board is a flat sheet, made of organic fibres saturated with bitumen. RIW Protection Board is used for the protection of waterproof membranes against mechanical damage, pedestrian or vehicular traffic and abrasion caused by backfilling. The board is resistant to water, ground salts and most corrosive chemicals.

Price | RIW Protection Board 3mm

0.9mt x 2.02mt sheet | £ 24.35 per sheet

Double Drain is a cold applied, high density polyethylene profiled sheet, incorporating a permeable geotextile filter fabric, designed to prevent ground water reaching the structure.

Double Drain can be used in conjunction with a primary waterproofing system, or on its own, to isolate the structure from the surrounding soil. The product is designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure, by promoting the flow of ground water away from the face of the structure to land drainage. Double Drain can also be used to provide excellent protection to a primary waterproofing system, against backfilling and mechanical damage

Price | RIW Double Drain 8mm

2mt x 20mt roll | £870.00 per roll


Alderprufe Membrane 15k General purpose tanking membrane

Alderprufe 15K is intended for use as a self bonding vertical or horizontal damp proof membrane in tanking ground structures subways and retaining walls. All surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry. Loosely adhering material and sharp protrusions should be removed by mechanical means. All vertical surfaces should be primed using Membrane Primer.

Price | Alderprufe 15K Membrane

1mt x 15mt roll | £ 125.00 per roll

Price | Alderprufe Primer

5 litre tin | £ 32.00 each

Price | Alderprufe Primer25 litre tin | £ 86.00 each

Alderprufe Membrane 20k High Performance Membrane

Alderprufe Membrane 20K is recommended for use as a self adhesive waterproofing membrane for both vertical and horizontal work in tanking applications. Also for use as a waterproofing membrane on concrete decks, including roof garden systems. Advantages of Alderprufe 20k : 2mm thick , Easy application , High elasticity , Factory controlled thickness , 5 ply sandwich construction , Weldable laps for greater security , Totally integrated waterproof system .

Price | Alderprufe 20K Membrane

1mt x 15mt roll | £ 164.00 per roll

Price | Alderprufe Primer

5 litre tin | £ 32.00 each

Price | Alderprufe Primer25 litre tin | £ 86.00 each

Backerboard HD Protection Board

Backerboard HD is a premoulded board for use as a protection against backfill for below ground walls and pressures formed by horizontal multi level slabs. Permanent: Long life, even when exposed to saturated conditions

Price | Backerboard Protection Board

2mt x 1mt sheets | £ 17.55 each

We can also supply Hyload tanking membranes 1000SA & 2000SA , XTRA- LOAD SA tanking membranes & SCP Bitusheet XL membranes along with all system accessories.


Visqueen Torchon Membrane Data Sheet

Visqueen TorchOn Tanking Membrane is a robust waterproofing membrane, used for heavy duty tanking and gas proofing applications. It can be used both vertically and horizontally above and below ground level to prevent the ingress of water. Visqueen TorchOn TankingMembrane should be used with Visqueen HP Tanking Primer on touch dry concrete.

Substrates should be primed with Visqueen HP Tanking Primer prior to application. VisqueenTreadGUARD1500 should be used horizontally or for external vertical applications VisqueenProtect&Drain should be used to protect the membrane from backfill or site traffic.

Price | Visqueen Torchon Membrane

1mt x 8mt roll | £ 177.00 per roll

Price | Visqueen HP Primer

5 litre tin | £ 45.00 each

Price | Treadguard 1500 P/Board

1mt x 2mt sheet | £ 20.35 each

Hyload 3100HD Torch On Membrane Data Sheet

IKO Hyload Tanking Membrane 3100HD is flexible SBS polymer modified torch applied bitumen sheet material with an added tough non-woven polyester surface giving additional protection against damage from backfilling operations, and can also be beneficial in binding with subsequent concreting operations. The product can be used as a fully bonded damp proofing membrane and as Type A Barrier Membrane protection within a structural waterproofing system designed to be compliant with the guidance of BS8102:2009.

Price | Hyload 3100HD Membrane

1mt x 10mt roll | £ 224.00 per roll

Price | Hyload SA Primer

25 litre tin | £ 136.95 each



Grace Adcor 500S Butyl Swellable Waterstop

A conformable, swellable polymer/butyl rubber waterstop strip that expands in contact with water. When fully encapsulated by poured concrete, the expansive forces form a seal against concrete faces. The seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping water from entering sub-structures. Adcor 500S Data Sheet

Price | Adcor 500S Waterstop

20mm x 25mm x 5mt roll | £ 72.53 per roll

Price | Adcor Adhesive

310ml Cartridge | £ 21.95 each

Price | Adcor Mastic  Box12 x 310ml Cartridge | £ 485.95 each

Supercast SW10 Hydrophillic Waterstop Supercast Data Sheet

Supercast SW10 is a swellable waterstop that can be installed and positively linked into conventional Supercast PVC waterstop networks. This alows the use of Supercast PVC for expansion joints and Supercast SW10 for construction joints, all the time maintaining an intergrated network .

Price | Supercast SW10 Waterstop

20mm x 5mm x 15 mt roll | £ 116.00 per roll

Price | Supercast SW Adhesive

380ml cartridge | £ 11.65 each

Price | Supercast SWX Sealant600ml cartridge | £ 52.65 each

Supercast SW20 Hydrophillic Waterstop Supercast Data Sheet

Supercast SW20 is a heavy duty hydrophilic swellable waterstop also used for grade 3 or 4 asements. Benefits of using Supercast Waterstops: Easy to install using SWX adhesive , Easy to install using SWX adhesive

Price | Supercast SW20 Waterstop

20mm x 10mm x 5mt roll | £ 126.00 per roll

Price | Supercast SW Adhesive

380ml cartridge | £ 11.65 each

Price | Supercast SWX Sealant600ml cartridge | £ 52.65 each

Cetco RX101 Expanding Waterstop RX101 Waterstop Data Sheet

Waterstop-RX is a flexible strip concrete construction joint waterstop that provides a positive seal by expanding upon contact with water. Waterstop-RX is an active waterstop that functionally replaces conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstops. Waterstop-RX is designed for both continuous and intermittent hydrostatic conditions and has been successfully tested to resist 231 feet (70 m) of hydrostatic pressure. Applications : Construction joints in foundation slabs or below grade walls , Around pipes, steel H-piles, and other penetrations , New-to-existing concrete work , Septic tanks, sanitary and storm sewer manholes , Utility and burial vaults.

Price | Cetco RX101 Waterstop

25mm x 19mm x 5mt roll | £ 69.00 per roll

Hydrotite CJ Data Sheet High performance waterstop

Hydrotite CJ has been developed as an effective, simple and economical sealing material for site formed construction joints based on the proven effectiveness of Hydrotite. Hydrotite CJ-0725 is the most popular format and is commonly used to provide a high-performance water-stop in large concrete structures. Other Hydrotite CJ profiles are available for construction joints that have larger coverage requirements.

Price | Hydrotite CJ Waterstop

25mm x 7mm x 10mt roll | £ 102.95 per roll

Bentonite RIW Hydrophillic Waterstop Data Sheet

RIW Waterstop is a hydrophilic waterstop, a sodium bentonite based material, designed to stop water infiltration through insitu concrete construction joints. Sodium bentonite swells when in contact with water, forming an impermeable barrier. The swelling property allows the RIW Waterstop repairs to form a permanent pressure seal within the concrete joint, thus eliminating water migration over or along the waterstop.

Price | RIW Hydrophillic Waterstop

24mm x 19mm x 5mt roll ( 6 per box )  | £ 448.00 per box

Bentorub Hydrophillic Waterstop Data Sheet Bentonite strip

Bentorub is a green, flexible hydrophilic bentonite strip for the sealing of construction joints in concrete. It is made from natural bentonite clay and synthetic rubber. Bentorub is designed for sealing construction joints, cold joints and working joints in concrete, around pipe penetrations, in sewer joints, against slurry walls and sheet piling, etc.

The strip can be easily installed by nailing (4 to 5 nails per metre) or glued with Contact Adhesive, Swellseal Mastic or Bentoglue. It is recommended to protect the Bentorub strip using the Bentosteel fixing cage. Profile size 25mm x 20mm. Roll size 5m. WRAS Approved .

Price | Bentorub Hydrophillic Waterstop

25mm x 20mm x 5mt roll | £ 59.00 per roll



GCP AT Waterstop System Data Sheet

Servitite AT System offers increased security by combining the advantages of PVC waterstops with the active hydrophilic elements to provide maximum resistance to water pressure. The material also offers continuously active sealing; hydrophilic elements swell in contact with water to plug voids formed by normal concrete shrinkage. 

Servitite AT 200 is an internally placed waterstop , which is cast centrally in the concrete to resist imternal and external water pressure. Serviseal AT 240 can be cast on the external face for water excluding structures , such as basements and sub structures or ground bearing slabs only of water retaining structures.

Price | Servitite AT 200 Waterstop

7.5 metre rolls | £ 317.00 per roll

Price | Serviseal AT 240 Waterstop

7.5 metre rolls | £ 356.00 per roll

GCP Serviseal EXP Waterstop Data Sheet

Serviseal is an externally cast waterstop that prevents moisture ingress at joints of floor slabs of water retaining structures and protects reinforcement bars from corrosion. It is flexible allowing movement of the slab and its four ribs prevent moisture creep across its surface. A variety of factory manufactured corner pieces are available to ensure a continuous network of waterstop at all joints. A welding jig and knife are available for all butt end jointing on site.

Price | Serviseal EXP 195195mm x 10mt roll | £ 175.00 per roll

Price | Serviseal EXP 240

240mm x 7.5mt roll | £ 169.00 per roll

Price | Serviseal Pilecap

7.5mt roll | £ 242.00 per roll

Price | Welding Blade

110v / 350w | £ 135.00 each

GCP Servitite XJ Waterstop Data Sheet

Servitite is a specially formulated PVC, internally cast, heavy duty waterstop system manufactured in a range of sizes and grades for use in reinforced concrete structures. Servitite is cast into the centre of the concrete member where it provides resistance against high hydrostatic pressure from both faces.

Price | Servitite XJ 150150mm x 7.5mt roll | £ 193.77 per roll

Price | Servitite XJ 230

230mm x 5mt roll | £ 191.00 per roll

Price | Servitite XJ 305

305mm x 5mt roll | £ 286.00 per roll

Price | Welding Blade

110v / 350w | £ 135.00 each

Fosroc Supercast Hydrofoil Waterstop Data Sheet

Fosroc Supercast Hydrofoil is an internally cast waterstop for sealing expansion, contraction and construction joints. Available in 3 different widths of 150mm , 200mm and 250mm. Also available in a Dual System 250TS . A full range of factory made junction pieces for all sizes also available.  Jointing Jigs also available.

Price | Supercast Hydrofoil

150mm x 15mt roll | £ 148.00 per roll

Price | Supercast Hydrofoil

200mm x 15mt roll | £ 168.00 per roll

Price  |Supercast Hydrofoil

250mm x 12mt roll | £ 195.00 per roll

Price |Supercast Hydrofoil TS250mm x 12mt roll | £ 495.00 per roll

Price | Supercast Welding Blade

110v / 350w | £ 180.00 each

Fosroc Supercast Rearguard S Waterstop Data Sheet

Supercast Rear guard S is an external PVC system for expansion joints, particularly suitable for basement and sub-structures. Available in 3 widths 150mm, 200mm and 250mm. Also available in dual system. A full range of factory made junction pieces for all sizes also available. Jointing Jigs also available.

Price | Supercast Rearguard S150mm x 12mt roll | £ 139.00 per roll

Price | Supercast Rearguard S

200mm x 12mt roll | £ 169.00 per roll

Price | Supercast Rearguard S

250mm x 12mt roll | £ 209.00 per roll

Price | Supercast Welding Blade

110v / 350w | £ 180.00 each


Servidek / Servipak System Data Sheet 2 Part Liquid Membrane

Servidek® is a unique two component polymer modified bitumen, liquid waterproofing membrane. Cold applied by squeegee or trowel, the mixed liquid cures chemically to form a seamless, elastomeric waterproofing membrane for concrete and steel bridge and trafficked decks. Servipak® protection boards are robust, bitumen impregnated boards, designed for permanent protection of Servidek. The boards are laid into ‘wet’ Servidek liquid membrane to provide protection against damage from hot and cold applied finishes. 
System Components • Servidek® – polymer modified bitumen liquid waterproofing membrane • Servipak® – bitumen protection boards, available in 3 mm, 6 mm and 12 mm thicknesses. • Armourtape™ is a rubber/bitumen self adhesive tape with a bituminous facing. Used for taping and sealing butt joints between Servipak protection boards. • Primer B2 is a solvented bitumen primer for use with Armourtape, when taping and sealing butt joints in Servipak boards.

Price | Servidek Liquid Membrane

22.5 litre pack | £ 247.95 per pack

Price | Bituthene Servipak 3mm

1mt x 1.5mt sheet | £ 38.65 per sheet

Also available : Servipak 6 , Servipak 12 , Bituthene Mastic , Serviseal Type b , Armourtape .

Sikalastic 1K Data Sheet Flexible Waterproofing Mortar

Sikalastic®-1K is a one component, highly elastic, cementitious fibre-reinforced mortar for the flexible waterproofing of concrete structures. It can be used for the outside waterproofing and protection of basement walls, as well as on hydraulic structures such as swimming pools, basins, bridges, canals and piping.

Price | Sikalastic 1k

20kg bag | £ 107.96 per bag

IKO Synthaprufe Original Data Sheet Rubber /Latex DPM

High performance brush applied damp proofing emulsion containing synthetic rubber latex, which provides a waterproof, and vapour resistant, black elastomeric membrane. Damp proofing of concrete, brick, blockwork and masonry, with vertical surfaces being finished with gypsum based plaster system. Adhesive for unsealed wood block flooring (min 10 mm thick). Tanking of basements.

Price | IKOPRO Synthaprufe Original DPM

5 litre tin | £ 48.89 each

Price | IKOPRO Synthaprufe Original DPM

25 litre tin | £ 156.78 each

Price | IKOPRO Synthaprufe LAC

5 litre tin | £ 66.50 each

Price | IKOPRO Synthaprufe LAC

25 litre tin | £ 236.78 each

Fosroc Mulseal DP Data Sheet Bitumin / Rubber / Latex Waterproofer

A bitumen/ rubber latex waterproofing compound suitable for uses such as a waterproof membrane to retaining walls, as a vapour barrier to panels and for repairing fine cracks in asphalt surfaces. The product has excellent adhesion to most common building materials. It can be applied to green concrete, and is resistant to sulfates and ground salts. Mulseal DP dries to a flexible film.

Price Fosroc Mulseal DP

25 litre pack £ 97.85 each

Price Fosroc Mulseal DP200 litre pack £ 579.85 each

Everbuild 901 Bitumen Paint Data Sheet For Metal, Wood & Concrete

Black Bitumen Paint is a solvent based, full bodied black bituminous paint. When dry, the product forms an odourless and taint free black film suitable for metal protection, and overcoating wood and felt.

Price | Bitumen Paint

5 litre tin | £ 21.65 each

Price | Bitumen Paint

25 litre tin | £ 87.50 each

Fosroc Galvafroid   Anti corrosion galvanising paint

Fosroc Galvafroid provides a galvanic protection on iron and steel. It can be used as a self-finish or as a durable rust inhibiting primer beneath selected top coats. It is recommended for the protection of structural steelwork, agricultural and construction plant and machinery, gates, railings, iron pipework and guttering, and the rust prevention of in-situ welding 

Price | Fosroc Galvafroid

400ml | £ 24.44 each

Price | Fosroc Galvafroid

800ml | £ 38.95 each

Price | Fosroc Galvafroid

1.9 litre | £ 83.25 each

Price | Galvafroid Thinner

500ml | £ 41.59 each


RIW Cementseal Data Sheet Two Part cement based waterproof coating

Cementseal is a two component, polymer modified cement based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry, with excellent adhesion to prepared substrates. Cementseal Primer is required for all horizontal applications, and is also used on porous surfaces, prior to applying Cementseal. The product cures to form a durable, highly alkaline, tough waterproof coating which acts as a sealer and protects the concrete, or other substrates, from water penetration and carbon dioxide diffusion. Cementseal may be used internally or externally, to provide Type A (barrier) protection; as classified in BS8102:2009.

Price | RIW Cementseal

15kg pack | £ 114.00 per pack

Price | RIW Cementseal Primer

5 litre tin | £ 88.00 each

RIW Cementfill FC Data Sheet Thixotropic Waterproof Repair Mortar

Cementfill FC is used to fill minor blow holes and defects, and for repairing surface cavities and honeycombed concrete/open textured masonry prior to application of other RIW membranes. Thin screed applications can be used to waterproof and/or level both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The product is a single component system which incorporates the most advanced microsilica, polymer and fibre technology, ready for on-site mixing and use, requiring only the addition of clean water.

Price | RIW Cementfill FC

20kg pack | £ 123.55 each

RIW Cementfill HB Data Sheet Rapid Hardening Waterproof Repair Mortar

Cementfill HB is used for the structural repair rendering and profiling of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. The material is also used to provide fillets at internal corners prior to application of other RIW membranes. The product is a single component system which incorporates the most advanced microsilica, polymer and fibre technology. ready for on-site mixing and use, requiring only the addition of clean water. This results in a rapid hardening, low density, high strength mortar with enhanced polymer properties. The thixotropic, shrinkage compensated nature of the product enables easy high build trowel applications.

Price | RIW Cementfill HB

20kg pack | £ 109.95 each

RIW Cementflex Data Sheet  Waterproof coating for Concrete & Masonary

Cementflex is ideally suited for waterproofing and protecting concrete and masonry structures which exhibit cracking, and where further movement is expected. Typical applications include preventing water ingress into basements, cellars and other below ground structures. The product can also be used for sealing water tanks, waterproofing of exposed or buried roofs, and as a crack isolation membrane on concrete floors or screeds. The product when mixed exhibits a good degree of thixotropy to enable ease of application by brush or spray techniques to give an even finish with no sagging even in vertical situations. It hydrates to form a durable, highly alkaline, permanently elastomeric coating which not only protects the concrete, or other substrates, from water penetration and carbon dioxide diffusion, but also accommodates movement in cracks. The elastomeric coating maintains its flexibility under permanent immersion and when exposed externally.

Price | RIW Cementflex

15kg pack | £ 187.35 each

RIW Flexiseal PRO Data Sheet High Performance tanking

Flexiseal PRO, as a system, is used in all situations where a high performance tanking or damp proof membrane is required. Suitable substrates include concrete, masonry, steel, asbestos cement, timber, sprayed polyurethane foams and expanded polystyrene such as ICF systems. Flexiseal PRO primer is used to seal porous or contaminated surfaces, and to aid adhesion of the membrane.

Price | RIW Flexiseal PRO Red , Grey or Black

5 litre pack | £ 176258 per pack

Price | RIW Flexiseal PRO Red

25 litre pack | £ 538.10 per pack

Price | RIW Flexiseal PRO Primer

5 litre pack £ 149.00 per pack

Price | RIW Flexiseal PRO Primer15 litre pack £ 357.00 per pack

RIW LAC Compound Data Sheet Bitumen based DPM

RIW LAC is a two coat, cold applied bitumen damp proofing membrane, which dries to a uniform gloss black finish. It is typically used as a tanking membrane in accordance with BS8102:2009, a damp proof membrane to ground floors and as a vapour barrier behind cladding and plaster. RIW LAC can also be used as an effective barrier to Radon Gas.

Price | RIW LAC 

5 litre tin | £ 75.55 each

Price | RIW LAC 

25 litre tin | £ 238.00 each

RIW Toughseal Data Sheet Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane

RIW Toughseal is a solvent free, polymer modified, colour coded coating providing an epoxy DPM system. Typically used to provide a water and water vapour proof barrier in areas that require excellent tensile adhesion, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, such as plant rooms and under raised access floors. RIW Toughseal epoxy DPM system has a Class 1 fire rating and is UV resistant.

Price | RIW Toughseal Black or Grey

5 litre  | £ 249.00 each

Price | RIW Toughseal Black or Grey

25 litre | £ 792.56 each

Vandex BB75 Waterproofing Slurry Data Sheet

Vandex BB75 is a tanking slurry (also known as a waterproofing slurry) for basement and cellar waterproofing applications. It is suitable for application to basement walls, floors, and soffits by trowel or spray. Vandex BB75 can be applied to concrete and masonry surfaces, however it is important to download and read the “Application Guidelines” for details of correct surface preparation and application requirements. In basement refurbishment applications, Vandex BB75 is normally applied to the internal walls and floor of the basement. In new-build applications it can also be applied to the external wall of the basement.

Price | Vandex Super

25kg pack | £ 89.45 per pack


Structureseal RIW Data Sheet Bentonite waterproofing membrane

RIW Structureseal is a bentonite sheet waterproofing composite of high swelling Sodium Bentonite encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile. A “needle-punch” process interlocks the geotextiles together forming an extremely strong composite that maintains a consistent layer of Bentonite, as well as protecting it from inclement weather and construction related damage. When wetted, unconfined Bentonite can swell up to 15 times its dry volume. When confined under pressure within a structure the swelling is controlled, forming a dense, monolithic, impervious bentonite sheet waterproofing membrane.

Price | RIW Structureseal

1.1mt x 5mt rolls | £ 189.00 per roll

Price | RIW Granules

20kg bag | £ 87.69 per bag

Price | RIW Sealing Compound

15kg pack | £ 202.00 per pack

Price | Washers & Fixing Nails

500 per box | £ 369.05 per box

Price | RIW Staple GunStandard | £ 395.98 each
Price | RIW Staples2500 no per pack | £ 45.00 per pack

Cetco Voltex & Voltex DS Bentonite Membrane

VOLTEX is a highly effective waterproofing composite of high strength geotextile and 4.88 kg of sodium bentonite per square metre. The high swelling, low permeable sodium bentonite is encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile. A patented needle-punch process interlocks the geotextiles, forming an extremely strong composite that maintains the uniform coverage of bentonite, as well as protecting it from inclement weather and construction related damage. Once backfilled, VOLTEX hydrates and forms a monolithic waterproofing membrane. VOLTEX contains zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather conditions to green concrete, and most importantly, has proven effective on both new and remedial waterproofing projects worldwide. Data Sheet

Price | Cetco Voltex Membrane

1.1mt x 5mt roll | £ 95.65 per roll

Price | Cetco Voltex DS Membrane

1.1mt x 5mt roll | £ 145.98 per roll

Price | Bentoseal Mastic

21kg pack | £ 146.80 per bag

Price | Waterstop RX

5 metre roll | £ 145.00 per roll

Price | Volclay Granules20kg bag | £ 69.75 per bag

Dualseal Membrane Bentonite/HDPE Membrane

Dual Seal is a high performance self swelling, self healing waterproofing membrane comprising of a thick, tough, high density polyethylene sheet laminated to 4kg/m2 of quality Bentonite granules. The Bentonite used in the manufacture of Dual Seal is capable of repeated cycles of wetting and drying without deterioration of its sealing properties and has a life expectancy measured in thousands of years (BBA Certified). It has WRAS approval for use with potable water. Dual Seal waterproofing membrane has been specifically developed for use as a high performance waterproofing membrane to provide a totally watertight barrier in below ground concrete construction, including basements, underground car parks, plant rooms, access tunnels etc. Data Sheet

Dual Seal Membrane can be installed in damp conditions and is, therefore, particularly suitable for use as a roof waterproofing system for earth covered potable water reservoirs.

Price | Dualseal Bentonite Membrane

1.22mt x 7.32mt | £ 265.00 per roll

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775


Bituthene GP

Bituthene GP Application

Bituthene GP Application

Bituthene 4000

Bituthene 4000

Bituthene 8000

Bituthene 8000

Bituthene 8000

Bituthene 8000

 Bituthene Protection Board

Bituthene Protection Board

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Bituthene primer & lm

Bituthene Primer B1

Bituthene lm

Bituthene Liquid Membrane

Grace Hydroduct 220

Grace Hydroduct 220

proofex 2

Proofex 3000

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

proofex lm

Proofex Liquid Membrane

  Visqueen SAM Membrane

Visqueen SAM Membrane


Visqueen SAM


Visqueen Treadguard


Visqueen HP Primer

Visqueen Protect & Drain

Visqueen Protect & Drain

Visqueen Treadguard 300

Visqueen Treadguard 300

RIW Sheetseal

RIW Sheetseal 226

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

RIW Sheetseal 226 Application

RIW Sheetseal 226 Application

Bituthene p board

RIW Protection Board

Alderprufe 15k membrane

Alderprufe 15k membrane


Alderprufe Wateroopfing

Hyload 1000SA Membrane

Hyload 1000SA Membrane

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

adcor 500s

Grace Adcor 500S

fosroc sw

Supercast SW10 & SW20

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

fosroc sw

RX101 Waterstop


Hydrotite CJ Waterstop

riw waterstop

RIW Waterstop

Bentorub Cage Bentorub Box

Bentorub Waterstop

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

dual seal

Dual Seal Waterstop

Servitite AT Waterstop

Servitite AT waterstop


Serviseal Waterstop

fosroc hydrofoil

Fosroc Hydrofoil

fosroc waterstop

Fosroc Rearguard & Hydrofoil

extaseal Construction

Extaseal Construction

extaseal exp

Extaseal Expansion

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775



Mulseal DP

Fosroc Mulseal DP

Bitumin Paint

Bitumin Paint



Sikalastic 1K

Sikalastic 1K

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

RIW Flexiseal

RIW Flexiseal

riw lac 2

RIW LAC Compound

riw lac compound

RIW LAC Compound

RIW LAC Application

RIW LAC Application

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

riw toughseal

RIW Toughseal

RIW Cementseal

RIW Cementseal

febtank super

Febtank Super

Vandex BB75

Vandex BB75

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

Vandex Super

Vandex Super

riw sructureseal

RIW Structureseal

Structureseal Application

Structureseal Application

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775

cetco voltex

Cetco Voltex

Voltex DS Membrane

Voltex DS Membrane

Cetco bentoseal

Cetco Bentoseal

Proofex Hydromat

Fosroc Hydromat

Dualseal Application

Dualseal Application

Dualseal Membrane

Dualseal Membrane

ORDER LINE 0800 047 6775



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